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Indian parents often look for the imported toys for their kids due to their superior quality and low costs, and one country that tops the list in manufacturing low priced toys in China. China is the world’s capital in manufacturing toys, but few people know the fact that  90% of the toys India imports from China features low-grade plastic that emits tainted chemicals into our child’s body, inducing irreversible harm to their system. Many of us, in spite of knowing such things, disregard them, but it wasn’t the case with Simran Lekhi, the proud founder of KiDSTACK, a go-to place for young parents to discover safe, non-toxic, and #MadeInIndia toys. Simran lekhi, a mother to two young children and a writer, in her research for her next article, came across the details around toys and how they were made, which baffled her! She noticed several of her peers were still unaware of the adverse effects of using cheap, low-quality plastic toys.

Determined to create awareness amongst fellow parents on the harmful effects of using unsafe toys AND to promote Indian brands manufacturing world-class toys that are organic and barely known, she started Kidstack! KiDSTACK, is a one-stop-shop destination with a plethora of organic and Indian origin toys recommendations, intending to create awareness amongst fellow parents on the toxic effects of using unsafe low-quality plastic toys and, at the same time, letting them know about our Indian toys alternatives, which are organic but barely known!    

“I have noted that several of my coequals are oblivious of the adverse consequences of using poor, low-quality plastic toys, and this is something that calls for a change! Therefore, out of my curiosity and an effort to promote #MadeInIndia products, I started scrutinizing Indian toy brands that offer toys made with non-toxic and natural materials, unlike the harmful Chinese variants. To my surprise, I was stunned to come across the fact that India is home to such impressive brands in this field, and they merely need a shoutout to grab every parent’s attention.”

– Simran Lekhi

As parents, it’s a simple activity for us to buy toys for our kids, but all that matters is how we can take charge of our lads’ playtime by providing them with safer substitutes like the ones you’ll find at KiDSTACK to enhance their growth in the safest and sustainable environment. For Diwali gifting, Kidstack has curated perfect toy hampers across 3 age groups made of natural materials, no plastic, and harmful toxins & chemicals. Simran, strongly urge parents to gift children responsible products this season.  

  If you feel all of this is good to start with, then visit Kidstack on this journey and follow www.instagram/com/ where you’ll find unbiased toy reviews on the organic #MadeInIndia toys to gift your kids a protected and sustainable playing environment.

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