Toddlers - No But(t)s for them. They only see

Forget dancing like no one is watching. 

Dance like a toddler, they don’t even care if there is Music.


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Cognitive Development in Infants and Toddlers

Cognitive development is a way of addressing how a child learns to reason, think, and use language, which is vital to the child’s overall growth and development. In addition to rapid physical growth, toddlers also display significant development of their cognitive abilities, specifically in language acquisition and in the ability to think and reason. As parents, we need to enable a child’s cognitive development for his or her betterment. Our tips on toddler development help you guide your child on the right path for his or her cognitive development.

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Why are Cognitive Skill Milestones Important?

Cognitive skills refer to one’s abilities to gain meaning and knowledge from experience and information. Cognition is more than just learning information. Instead, it is the ability to think about new information, process it and speak about it. As children grow, their ability to think and understand on higher levels increases. They can process and understand information more tactfully and create connections to other sets of information easily. What really happens is that their thinking skills get increasingly better. Our platform enables you to help your toddler’s cognitive development by providing tips and information on toddlers growth and development. As parents, we continuously tend to worry about our children meeting their milestones on time. Our platform is with you in every step of your way to ensure that your child never misses a milestone.

Cognitive Development and Toddler Play

Play is crucial for your toddler’s cognitive development – that is, your child’s ability to think, communicate, understand, create memories, think, imagine and then understand that what may happen next. This mainly happens when a child plays and discovers the world. While playing, children are thinking, experimenting, learning, and solving problems all along. Time spent playing with your toddler is excellent for your toddler’s cognitive development. For more such tips and ideas to enable cognitive development in toddlers, visit MommyWize where we have all the information you require related to your toddler’s cognitive development.

Nature Versus Nurture

Various researchers have found that genes play an important role in a child’s cognitive skill development. However, we as parents can do much more to support and encourage a child’s cognitive skills. Typically, these skills can be taught through training and practice. Children can be taught to pay attention on completing a task by taking away distractions such as TV, toys, or talking while trying to complete their homework. Our platform will give you guide you with all activities related to cognitive development in toddlers.

Toddler Cognitive Development: What to Expect

Toddlers will probably think you know what is going on inside their minds, be unable to separate what is pretend and what is real – for example, they might be easily frightened by monsters in cartoons and be curious and keen to experiment and explore unfamiliar things. As parents, it may sometimes get overwhelming to figure out how to manage toddlers while supporting their thinking and learning capabilities. Our content is carefully designed to help you with tips and ideas for toddlers development. With information directly from toddler experts in the form of videos, blogs, and live sessions, it cannot get any easier to source authentic and practical content. [/show_more]