Montessori Method of teaching for Kids 4-12yrs

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The mind of the 4 to 12-year-old child is a newly reasoning, abstracting, and imagining mind. At six years of age, the power of the absorbent mind is fast fading away and the age of reasoning is dawning. It is a period of stability, of growth without many transformations. The change from one type of mind to another is noted externally by the loss of the baby teeth and the growing of the teeth he will keep for the rest of his life.

Does the Montessori Method of teaching apply to kids once they reach the reasoning phase?

Is it as effective for older kids?

What are the Montessori method of teaching, activities, and techniques that you can still use to continue with the Montessori environment at home?

To know all about the above watch the full session with Aishwarya Dwarakanath who is a Montessori teacher for primary (2.5-6) and elementary (6-12), with 6 years of experience in Montessori schools. She has a blog and insta handle called I Teach I learn where she shares information about Montessori.

Over the last year, she has created Montessori homeschooling courses and curriculum for 2-6-year-olds on Edsup. She is also a Montessori consultant who provides personal consultations for parents and teachers and regularly conducts workshops for EdSup. You may also like Montessori at home.

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