5 Basic Baby Essentials Items You Need

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Children reach milestones in how they behave, learn to speak, walk, and run. Are you excited that your kid is toddling? Yahaya, for you! Your kid is a toddler now. A toddler is a child approximately 12 to 36 months old; definitions vary, though. Your kid starts exploring the world at this age. It is time for you to make a toddler room and let your kid’s spirit explore more; at this age, their desire to explore new objects and people also increases. Let us help you in choosing the best baby toddler’s gear, which helps you a lot.

1. Car Seat

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If you travel now and then, you definitely need a car seat. You will need to upgrade your infant seat to a bigger one to safely accommodate your growing child. A toddler car seat will be the second car seat of your child. It can be used from approximately 6 months of age up to four years, depending on the height and weight of your child. There are types available in the market like Rear-facing Seat, Convertible Seat, and All-In-One seat. You can choose them according to your child’s personality. Before you use the seat, review the guidelines properly; adjust the harness straps such that they are below your child’s shoulder, keep little fingers and safe, and practice safe snacking.

2. Toddler Bed

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If your kid starts climbing his/her crib, you need to transfer them to a toddler bed. You need to choose a toddler bed according to your need (which suits your home space). There are two options for you. One looks like a mini version of a twin bed, and the other one is a twin bed with safety rails. If you have already bought a crib that can be turned into a toddler bed, you need not purchase one again. Try choosing a bed that is sturdy, low to the ground, equipped with rails, simply designed, and certified one.

3. Stroller

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A stroller is an indispensable one for your kid. When you think of buying one, look for a stroller that can be operated easily that can lock wheels with practical breaks. See that it has a wide base. If you have twins, you can go for a double stroller. To prevent stroller accidents, stay close to your baby’s stroller, be careful with toys, buckle up your child, take caution while folding it (see that you buy strollers which can be folded easily), don’t let the stroller sit in the sun for long hours.

4. Sippy Cups

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Drinking from an open cup can be tricky for young toddlers, so some form of sippy or straw cup can be useful for your child. Your toddler needs an alternative to the bottle, and they sit upright while sipping. Pick a sippy cup with two handles, look for a soft nipple similar to a bottle nipple, and find a cup that is hard to spill. Decide on the material and longevity of the cup. Get a sippy cleaner along with the cup. You can also start serving water with meals starting after 6 months, or whenever the baby starts solids in consultation with a pediatrician.

5. Portable Potty

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Once you start potty training, you should be ready for anything at any time. Find an on-the-go potty can stash in your car or take along to wherever you travel. See that the potty you buy is comfortable to your child’s bottom, look for splash guard features, and ease of emptying.

These are five basic toddler gears you might need to make your kid comfortable. See that you buy something which suits your kid’s comfort.

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