Top Kids STEM toys and Activity Boxes for 4-7-Year-Old Kids

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Kids provide us moments of joy, but it is incredibly hard to keep them engaged all the time. Handling kids is not a cakewalk, and during COVID, when everyone is trapped indoors, it is all the more difficult to keep them occupied.

Activity boxes are a great way to keep kids away from smartphones and T.V. while developing their skills. If you are a work from home mom and have a 4-7-year-old kid to take care of, a kid’s activity box can be a blessing in disguise. An activity box for kids is an innovative way to nurture the creativity and imagination of a child.

The kid’s activity kits are specially crafted in varying age groups as per their mental level. Activity boxes enhance the creativity and curiosity of the kid through creative plays. It comprises a range of intriguing activities to give them a hands-on experience. These educational and fun kits consist of puzzles, games, and educational activities that will keep the kids busy and entertained for hours.

This article lists some top-selling kids’ activity boxes for kids between 4 and 7 years.

Top Kids Activity Boxes for 4-7-Year-Olds, 2020
1. SmartoKids Activity Box for 4, 5 & 6 Year Old Baby Boys & Girls (11-in-1 Set) – Learning & Educational Gift Pack of Play-based Explorer Toys, Puzzles, Board Games, Colours, and Books with Indian Values

Kids can read and try out these innovative activity set, which helps develop fine motor, gross motor,  coordination, attention, logical reasoning, imagination skills.


Activity boxes

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Product Description:

•A wonderful 11-in-1 play and learn set for kids.

•An activity box ideal for 4-6-year-old

•Contains 7 Activities, 1 Story Book, 1 Engagement Tracker, 1 Skill Development Tracker, & 1 Set Of 30+ Activity Set

•Skills Enhancement: Fine motor, gross motor, coordination, attention, logical reasoning, imagination, familiarity, creativity, culture, sensory, empathy, self-expression, communication, pre-reading, memory, listening, pre-writing, confidence, critical thinking, and action play

•Loved by intelligent and creative pre-schoolers •Makes a perfect birthday gift and/or return gift

2. Einstein Box for 4, 5 and 6-Year-Old Kids Toys for Baby Boys and Girls, Learning and Educational Gift Pack of Toys, Games, and Books (Multicolor)

This activity is designed to help 4- to 6-year-old kids learn and develop better. The puzzle develops logic. The art set builds creativity. The memory game helps brain development and also teaches good manners. The books develop language skills.

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Product Description:

•India’s pioneering early learning program

•The box comprises of 5 educational toys and books.

•Includes Puzzle, Art & Craft, Memory Game, Wipe Clean Book & Sticker Book •Skill Enhancement: Creativity, knowledge, etiquette, and language skills

•Designed by parents and ensures child safety

•Ideal for an age group of 4-6 years

•Educational and fun activity box

3.Creative Educational Aids P. Ltd. Fun With Words Puzzle (Multi-Color, 90 Pieces)

This word-building game helps children focus on sounds and letters and develop skills they need for reading, writing, and spelling.

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Product Description

•Provides superb fun with words multi-colored puzzle

•Comprises 30 sets of Three Letter Words Puzzles, Activity Book

•Ideal kids activity box for 4 years child

•Skill Enhancement: develops hand-eye coordination, letter, and sound recognition, improves reading skills and vocabulary, concentration and observation skills

•Helps in brain development

4. Play Poco Magnetic Imagination Shapes – with 102 Magnetic Shapes, 2 Magnetic Boards, 300 Design Booklet, 2 Display Stands

Magnetic Imagination Shapes is an excellent imagination building and learning tool. It cultivates problem-solving skills in children and improves their geometric and spatial understanding.

Activity boxes


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Product Description

•Ideal kit for interesting activities that cater S.T.E.M. education

•Includes 102 magnetic designs, 300 designs included, & 2 display stands

•Skill Enhancement: Explore and develops creative skills, imagination building, spatial and motor skills development

•Perfect kids activity box for 4 years and above

•The best building and learning tool for motor development

5. Shifu Orboot: The Educational, Augmented Reality Based Globe | STEM Toy for Boys & Girls Age 4 to 10 years | Ideal Gift for Kids (No Borders or Names on Globe)

A STEM toy that sparks imagination and creativity, Orboot encourages the little ones to explore and discover independently. It builds knowledge as well as develops linguistic and cognitive abilities in the process.

Activity boxes

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Product Description

•Unique product is a reality-based journey around the world.

•Fun, educational and interactive globe

•Comprises 400+ highlights and 1000+ world facts across 6 categories

•The Orboot app is free on iOS and android. Compatible to a tablet or Smartphone

•Skill Enhancement: Enhances imagination and curiosity, builds knowledge, linguistic, and cognitive skills •Ideal kids activity box for 5 years child

•The box comprises 10″ globe, passport, stamps, country flag stickers, and a detailed help guide.

6. Genius Box Explosive Science 3 Activity Kit for 7+ Year Age: DIY, Educational Toy, Educational Kit, STEM Toy, Science Experiment, Learning Kit

This activity box can help your child with creativity, imagination, critical thinking, observation skills, cognitive development, scientific reasoning, concentration and focus.

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Product Description

•An interesting science box for inquisitive minds

•Kit inspires, educates, and help explore the world of science

•Includes learning activities like blast off, elephant toothpaste, fizzy bomb, and young scientist certificate

•Skill Enhancement: Creativity, imagination, critical thinking, observation skills, cognitive development, scientific reasoning, concentration & focus

•Ideal kids activity box for 7 years child

•D.I.Y. comprises 3 S.T.E.M. projects inside

7. Wondrbox Emotion Kingdom Activity Kit

This activity kit helps your child to learn while playing. It also encourages parent-child interaction with various board games, puzzles and interaction games which leads to better understanding between parent and child.

Activity boxes

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Product Description

• This is an awesome 6 in 1 activity pack for kids.

• It comprises 3 family games, 2 storybooks, and 1 sticker activity.

• Skill Enhancement: encourages imagination, learn practical skills, and build a sense of accomplishment; it teaches counting, graphing and sorting, feelings, expression, feelings, vocabulary, and feelings recognition.

• Perfect activity box for age 3 to 5 years

• Teaches everything about feelings

8.Book Toys- Jigsaw Puzzle Set of Words & Spelling

This word puzzle helps with spelling, makes your child work faster, boosts working memory, extends vocabulary, and encourages problem-solving.


Activity boxes

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Product Description

•Activity set is a great way to learn spelling in 3 ways

•3 in 1 learning set comprises 102 pcs, wipe-clean book, and poster

•Activities are designed by teachers to help children learn to spell quickly

•Skill Enhancement: Visual reinforcement, build a love for learning, learn to spell, and have screen-free fun •Ideal kids activity box for six years child

•A perfect gift for learning

You can buy any of these Kids Activity boxes and help your child explore his creative and curious side. Make sure that you read the reviews and check the rating so that you are not disappointed. The activity boxes above are quite affordable and fun. Do check them out today! Shop Now for Best Sellers in Toys & Games and Best Sellers in Video Games

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