Babies-The best of YOU from all the Possibilities !

“It’s a good thing babies don’t give you a lot of time to think. 
You fall in love with them and when you realize how much they 
love you back, life is very simple.
-Anita Diamant

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    Tips for Playing with Babies

    As your little one grows, so does her desire to explore the world. The best way to help your little one is to stimulate her brain with some fun activities. Our specially curated set of play ideas for newborn babies not only enables brain stimulation in your baby, but also helps you bond with her as she learns more about the world around her. 

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    Why is Play so Important for Babies?

    Babies’ brains are, just to put across simply, awesome. They are born ready to learn. During a baby’s first year, her brain will double in size with more than 1,000,000 (yes, that is 1 million!) new neural connections formed every second. But nature alone cannot stimulate this remarkable brain development. It is the combination of an infant’s experiences and genetics that builds the initial structure of her brain, upon which all future learning is based. This is why as parents, you must ensure that your baby’s brains are stimulated with play activities for newborn babies to help her as she grows. 

    How does Play Help Babies Learn?

    Babies learn through observation and experience. They depend on all their senses as they discover their surroundings, which is why the nursery rooms are typically rich in colors and textures, sights, and sounds. Along with their five senses, babies also need to develop body balance and awareness, so we spend time on the floor with them – crawling, rolling, cruising and climbing – enabling them to move independently and build their sensory systems. Play provides babies a reason to discover, explore, experiment, and problem solve. Our tips on playing with babies strive to provide your baby the experience she deserves, to be an achiever as she grows. 

    How Play Develops with Your Child

    As your child grows, the way she plays will change – she will get more imaginative and experiment more with toys, ideas, and games. This might mean she needs more space and time to play. Also, children identify and select different forms of play as they grow. For babies, the best toy is you. Just looking at your face and hearing your voice is play for your new baby, especially if you are smiling. Our play ideas for newborn babies are available in the form of blogs, live sessions, and articles across our platform. Moreover, the information provided is sourced from professionals and is presented in a manner that is easy to understand and implement.

    What does Play-based Learning for Babies Look Like?

    Play-based learning with babies is all about discovering the sweet spot that is both challenging and fun. It can be as easy as crossing their midline and tempting them to roll over to their side and tummy, or holding their favorite toy above them and using it to engage their hand and eye coordination, and all while singing, cuddling and being with them at that moment. For more such ideas, visit MommyWize – the answer to all your queries with regards to tips on playing with babies. Babies want to learn and grow with their moms and dads by their side and they deserve to learn and grow in a loving and nurturing environment that enables them to find themselves in this world.

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