7 Easy Steps to making your House Diwali Ready

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Diwali is a joyous occasion- it’s probably the only time your family comes together full circle, the rooms are lit up, and decoration is everywhere. Firecrackers are bursting in the background- You make sure your diyas are lit, the auspiciousness is in the air, smiles are all around, and your paramparik family is on point. Before all this comes on to make a beautiful festive season, you need to make sure you have a clean canvas to build on. You guessed, right. We’re talking about deep cleaning your house. Even if it’s a last-minute move, deep cleaning your house before getting started with other preparations is a must. In any case, you don’t want cobwebs hanging in corners of your home. If your Diwali preparations have been delayed due to anything and you think it’s too late to do any real work, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Use this simple formula to make your house diwali ready and clean in less time, with very little energy and no confusion at all.

8 Steps to making your house Diwali ready.

Choose the room you need to clean: It’s important for you to focus on one part of your home at a time, especially if you live in a large space. If done right, you can ideally clean 2 rooms in a day. However, targeting your entire space at a time might not be a good decision. I recommend taking up your living room first since that is first seen and visited by most guests and neighbors. You can also make the kitchen a priority since all sweet-making and cooking happens there. If you have friends and family coming over to help you with food preparation, you definitely want to have a kitchen that’s spick and span.

Start clearing the clutter: When you say your home looks dirty, it might mean two things- one, your house is dusty. Dust settling on your surfaces, a dusty ceiling fan, and cobwebs are common occurrences. Two, your house isn’t dusty, but there are many things like clothes, books, shoes and other things scattered everywhere and you don’t know where to start cleaning. Your house could have either or both of these problems. In any case, you should start by putting your items in place. If you begin to dust your house before taking out the items, there is a chance that dust will settle on your items, causing extra work later. Fold washed clothes, and put them inside cupboards, take out all the vessels and stack them back in place, make sure that minimal items are lying on your sofa or on the dining table. If you have items that don’t have a place yet, keep them in a corner, and we’ll deal with it later.

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Cover the TV, sofas, tables, etc., before dusting: As I said before, when you start dusting your house, the dust will settle everywhere else—covering your sofas, especially if they’re new and light-colored, really takes care of it. Make sure to place a cloth on your TV, your speakers, and remotes. All these appliances usually have small holes and vacuums in it where dust can easily settle and can be difficult to remove. If you place a cloth on your accessories and appliances, you can easily wash the dusty cloth, and all your items won’t have dust on them.

Dust thoroughly: If you have dust in your house, dust it well. You can use a broom or a piece of cloth for this. Make sure you have touched all the surfaces like the top of cupboards, ceiling fans, tube lights and bulbs, the ceiling, curtain rods, shelves, tabletops, corners, etc. it is recommended that you cover your mouth and nose while dusting to avoid getting sick. If you have chairs or furniture that touches the wall, make sure to sweep and dust behind it as the dust settles in the smallest of places. Sweep the dust out: After you are finished dusting completely, dust the cloth pieces clean. Sweep all the dust (which should ideally be on your floor) and take it away. Make sure you sweep clean, and no trace of dust remains anywhere. Dusting and sweeping of one room ideally take 30-45 minutes only.

Organize and sort: To make sure your house is Diwali ready at this step, your house ideally looks clean but bare (without any clutter). But of course, there are probably a few things that you couldn’t put away in step 2. For instance, extra newspapers and scrap paper/envelopes can be trashed properly. Any new shopping you might have done- put the cartons/ boxes away and put your items in its place. If there might be a pile of many unwashed clothes, you can collect them into a bag and bulk wash as soon as possible. We are not dealing with organizing and sorting of items initially because that would cause a waste of time initially. If time permits, you can declutter your wardrobe or throw out any old cosmetic products, expired food items, etc.

Wipe your floors and surfaces: Now that you’ve finished taking out all clutter and dust, it’s time to bring shine to your floor and other surfaces, like the dining table glass, the TV screen, bulbs and lights that may have collected dust, chandeliers, etc. for the floors, using a kind of disinfectant will take away the thin layer of dirt and germs on your flooring. It will also give a clean shine and, typically, a sweet-smelling room.

Look for details that might need attention: Little things like seater and cushion covers, curtain, dining table cloth, covers for your TV, speakers, and other things need to be looked at. You might also want to change bathroom rugs and shower curtains, especially if you have guests coming over for a stay. You may add a refreshing scent or deodorant bar in the comfort room. Follow this simple pattern, and you will be able to deep clean your home one room at a time without exerting yourself. These tips will surely make your house Diwali ready I hope your home shines out this Diwali!

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