Phenoxyethanol in Baby Skincare Products? A Big No!

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Motherhood is the greatest and the most complex phase in every women’s life. This phase is beautiful but full of ups and downs, exhaustion, confusion, guilt, sleepless nights, and much more. When I first held my baby’s tiny fingers and soft skin and looked into his pretty eyes, it made me instantly fall in love. The love for your newborns is rare, a love that is pure and needs no validation. All you want to do is to provide the best to your little munchkin. Best doesn’t mean providing them with all the luxuries; instead, every parent tries to give the right things to their kids, which would help shape their kids into good, responsible individuals.

It starts from the day they are born with things as essential as your baby’s skincare. Their skin is very delicate and thin, and one cannot put them at risk by exposing them to baby care products having harmful ingredients like Phenoxyethanol. Many big companies have been using Phenoxyethanol as the main ingredient in their products. Since newborns need safe baby skincare products, we should be cautious when selecting skincare products for our babies.

Though things are changing for the better, many companies have shifted with good, well-researched product lines for kids. As a parent, one should not get trapped in the glamorous marketing strategies but carefully look through the ingredients and understand their impact on your child before picking up any product.

Thus, here’s a complete guide on what you need to know about Phenoxyethanol in Baby skincare products and how you can look for the perfect product for your baby.

To begin with, avoid using Baby products having Phenoxyethanol!

Generally, the skincare products are made with water and a variety of nutrients, and together they create the potential ground for breeding dangerous microorganisms. Here comes the role of preservatives like Phenoxyethanol which are used to combat the growth of such harmful bacteria. Since Phenoxyethanol doesn’t react with other ingredients, air or light, making a convenient and effective preservative.

But this narrative changes when we take a deep dive into why this preservative is harmful. It is very detrimental if this is swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin, which is very much possible in the case of newborn babies because they have very soft and delicate skin.

There have been studies and medical reports showcasing the negative effect of Phenoxyethanol on the brain and nervous system of newborn babies. If absorbed in a significant amount, it can disable the immune system’s primary response mechanism.

Phenoxyethanol side effects can cause sheer skin damage even if its concentration is 1% or lower in any product. This ingredient can be found in almost everything, whether soaps, shampoos, or even cosmetic products. While purchasing any product, one should diligently research its elements and only purchase if it’s safe for your child’s health.

Phenoxyethanol- free baby products can eliminate the dangers of skin irritation and infection. Their delicate skin needs joyous and robust care. Use natural and paraben-free & Phenoxyethanol-free baby products to provide your munchkin with a healthy life. Remember, their skincare is no less important. It deserves love and care too.

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