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Tips for Normal Delivery by Dr. Deepika Aggarwal

As the nine months of pregnancy come to an end, and the due date approaches, it is impossible not to feel excited to meet your precious bundle of joy. But it is necessary to remember that no one can forecast the exact birth date and that the baby will only arrive when nature thinks he/she is completely ready to do so. But while you eagerly wait for your baby’s arrival there are some tips that you can use to increase your chance at Normal delivery. 

Mom to Mompreneur

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Motherhood brings along with it only too many expectations, added responsibilities, and a mammoth challenge to start chasing their dreams again. We mothers have fulfilled the biggest task of bringing life to this world, getting back to work and initiating our own dream business can be tricky but just a small task in the list of remarkable things we can do to make our lives and those around us a better place. There are numerous women who have proved that when it comes to determination, hard work, and excellence, mothers prove to be unprecedented in their approach.

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