Air Quality Index V/s Aryan Khan

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It’s been 20 + days since Diwali, and the AQI shows the same alarming numbers in Delhi NCR with no signs of improvement.

As a part of my 4 yr old daughter’s school assignment, we have been tracking the AQI for the last two weeks, and now that my daughter understands what different colors meant w.r.t AQI, she got into the habit of walking up to me ten times in a day to check what the AQI was. She also corrected me when I asked her to go out and play and said that the AQI is still bad and she can’t go out.

In one such similar conversation with her today, I told my daughter that if it stays like this, then very soon we will have to leave India and maybe settle in some out country, and to my surprise, she said, no, mom, India is my favorite country, and I want to live here forever ( it could be coming from the fact that we are learning about countries and continents these days).

I consume all my news and the latest update from social media, and my knowledge is as good as what I read on what’s app or the notifications that I get from my TOI app. But after this conversation, it did occur to me that it’s been over 20 days, and I have not come across any news, articles, or videos about the alarming situation, and on searching through Google, I realized that the only updates those were available were from News weekly’s and that too was about 24hrs old.

On my further search through social media, all I could get was What’s app chatter about mom’s cribbing about physical school getting closed to dancing reels of mom’s on the school opening again. I could not see an insta post ( Since all so call Mom Influencer’s post three times a day on parenting), a blog from mom handles, parents, organizations, individuals questioning government, authorities, or consulting experts on what to do for kids in the current scenario.

Where is the Public uproar? Where are the online petitions that we are so used to signing as a part of us trying to voice ourselves on every issue that may be related or unrelated to us? Where are the environmentalists? Where is everyone ??

But my bigger question is, Where are the Moms? (By now, I guess you should know that it’s useless to question the government, and if you need any change has to come then it has to start from you. In fact, if you want a change of government, then that also has to start with a realization at your end)

They say that if one man studies, then only one man is educated, but if one women studies, then the entire family is educated. We are from a generation of Mom’s who are well educated and well informed, and we put in endless hours towards our kid’s growth, education, food, activities, and the list is endless then how is it that we all are just about OK with the AIR that our kids and we are breathing.
Are we really bothered about our kid’s future if not the future of this country? OR

Is SRK’s son visiting NCB’s office for his weekly attendance more cause of concern than anything the AIR our kids are breathing? More number of Aryan Khan fan club might have opened on FB with thousands following in a day than anyone making a group on Environmental issues.

It’s time to reflect on our own selves …

P.S – This title is only so that you read this. Had it been, the title would have been AQI a cause of concern in Delhi. I am sure most of you would have scrolled and moved ahead.

Click on and voice yourself and come up with solutions. Let’s make a start and make every comment count.

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