Editorial Policy

Aims and Scope

More than being a digital space for women and mothers, MommyWize is an initiative, in order to serve all women out there, who go through something unexpected on a daily basis, who endure everything, with a dazzling smile, that life, unapologetically, throws at them. MommyWize through this website publishes inspiring, intriguing, fascinating, and helpful content that aids women and mothers in dealing with their turbulent lives effortlessly.

Content that is published by the MommyWize appertains to motherhood, child care, self-help, mental and physical health of women and especially mothers, health complications that a woman goes through after she becomes a mother, body image, children’s education, their behavior patterns, their psychological and physical well being, their nutrition, their safety, and their overall development, etc.

MommyWize also deems it necessary to mention that the opinions and bits of advice that are mentioned in the content that is published on our website belong expressly to the authors and do not in any manner reflect those of the Company.


Each and every individual who gets listed as an author of an article should have mandatorily and voluntarily participated in conceptualizing the research or the content of the article, either in writing or critically editing the article, and/or in the analysis of data and information mentioned in the article.

It goes without mentioning that all authors ought to be thoroughly familiar with the substance and core idea of the final manuscript and be capable enough to defend its conclusions and what all it propounds. Individuals who have made subsidiary and relevant contributions to the content could be listed in a section called Acknowledgments.


At MommyWize, we only value originality. All content submitted to MommyWize has to be, must be, uncompromisingly original. No manuscript shall be considered which has already been published or is being considered by another company’s portal.

It is hereby necessary to mention that by submitting an article, the author(s) certify that the content is not being considered for publication by any other publication of all kinds, nor has it been published elsewhere. If later it is found that the material published by us had already been published elsewhere before, we shall have to put that material through extensive redaction and editing process and we shall be bound to publish it without mentioning the name and credentials of the author.

Instructions for Authors

Please follow the guidelines mentioned above, meticulously and sincerely, while preparing manuscripts for submission to MommyWize. This shall assist you in producing relevant content and it shall aid us in catering to the visitors of our website effectively and efficiently.

Submission of Content

Content should solely be submitted electronically in Microsoft® Office Word 2003 or later format as an attachment via email to MommyWize at info@mommywize.com or should be submitted in the user panel. The submission of content in PDF format is neither permitted nor is acceptable.

Review Process

All articles that are shared with MommyWize are directly sent to our team of reviewers and are reviewed thoroughly. Later, a decision with regards to the acceptance, revision, or rejection is duly shared with the corresponding author.

Content that is neither accepted nor rejected, may be returned to the author(s) with relevant suggestions for revision implying that a revision would be a necessity before a decision is reached with regards to the acceptability of that particular content.

Formatting Articles

We deem it necessary to mention that the content that is submitted to MommyWize has to be formatted as per the specifications mentioned with regards to the theme or the topic. Articles that deviate or do not follow the specified format shall be returned to the author(s) without being reviewed.

Therefore, the likelihood of content getting accepted would depend upon how well the format expressly mentioned by MommyWize has been taken into consideration. The preparation of a manuscript as per the format described and detailed by the company shall improve the possibility of the manuscript being rated favorably by the reviewers.

Authors are also advised to avoid making an attempt to make their content stand out as different and distinguished by preparing it in an unusual or an unconventional format or for that matter a totally different format that MommyWize has neither described nor mentioned.

Manuscripts that authors share with MommyWize, ought to reflect writing proficiency and the correct usage of syntax, grammar, spelling, and symbols to make sure that accurate and easily read and consumed information is transmitted through the website.

The text must avoid anything that even in the slightest of manner or sense gives out the impression of sexual and racial bias. MommyWize has the policy of being intolerant to such biases. It is crucial that gender-inclusive language is opted for as a priority and not a formality.

Copy Editing

It is also important to mention that all the content that is shared with MommyWize by the authors, after getting accepted, shall be edited by the team of reviewers at MommyWize to make sure that it conforms to the standards and requirements of the company. The edited material may be shared with the corresponding authors as well.

Also, all the authors and not the company, are directly responsible for all the statements, claims, suggestions, bits of advice, calculations and predictions, provided in their published articles, including the changes that are made in the process of copy editing. MommyWize does not make any warranty as to the accuracy of the content and assumes no sort of liability or responsibility for any error or omission whatsoever that occurs in the content.

Ownership of Content

 Although we have mentioned in previous sections, that the authors shall be solely responsible for the content that MommyWize shall publish after it accepts the content, it is hereby necessary to mention that MommyWize shall also own the content once it tenders the acceptance of it to the corresponding authors.

Each and every content piece that MommyWize would accept shall be considered the intellectual property of the company and MommyWize shall possess and exercise all the ownership rights with regards to the content present in the manuscripts.

Tendering acceptance of the manuscripts to the corresponding authors shall directly imply that the author(s) have given away their ownership rights over the content they produced, to the company. The company would also be able to use the content in whichever way the company shall deem it fit.

The content once accepted by the company shall be prohibited to be used elsewhere in any and all forms, until and unless, the company formally sanctions, authorizes or allows its usage or publication in some manner or form. Also, post-acceptance of the content by the company, it shall be prohibited to use the content elsewhere without MommyWize being given the credit of the same.