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A kitchen is a space in our homes where we don’t just prepare food but create healthy and tasty nutrition for our near and dear ones, filled with precision, love, and happiness. Making these delightful recipes makes our kitchens a fun space where one gets to experiment and play around with many mouth-watering ingredients to create that final masterpiece. The smell of freshly baked cookies after they are taken out from the oven, the rising of the cake, the warmth of hot cocoa encapsulates all senses making them a delightful snack, ultimately culminating in some quality time spent with your family as well. But a kitchen can be a place of stress as well; meals not gone right, frustrating recipes, endless ingredients, chopping, mixing, baking, cleaning, it can all be a nightmare! It is overtly frustrating to see a cake not rise or a cookie not crumble to bits or have batter flying all over the place! Thankfully, there is an up and coming brand in India that makes products that are easy to use, fun to create with, simple to understand, and quick on time, and you never have to undergo any unpleasant kitchen ordeal ever! After spending months on end, sorting through all the complications, making a kazillion recipes, experimenting on a whole bunch of food-loving close family and friends with their repeated flavour, durability, and look, ‘Playola’ the cookie brand dough, was born into the world.


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Playola is an edible ready to eat cookie dough that is 100% eggless, has no added preservatives, is completely safe to eat, and is made with only the best ingredients. It uses 100% butter, no oil, and absolutely no margarine, and its heat treats the flour, so it’s completely safe to eat. Customers can pre-select their favourite base flavours and unlimited toppings and can create their own mix that they can use to blend with milk for a milkshake, top it up on ice-cream, mix with hot milk for a late-night hot chocolate or eat straight out of the tub when their sweet tooth beckons! Customers can truly experience heaven once they try the half and half cookie dough swirled with a hot chocolate fudge sauce, dark chocolate chips topped up happy sprinkles to make them smile. If someone enjoys the fun part of cooking or baking, they also have bakeable cookie dough in their product suite, which is ready to scoop and bake as and when one needs a fresh batch of cookies out of the oven.

Aptly, their motto is We make, you bake!” and their simplistic idea is to have fun with all mixes because there’s a lot of things one can do with their bakeable mixes as well. Their product lasts for a strong three months in the freezer, two weeks in the fridge, and the edible variant remains good at room temperature for at least a week, which makes for the perfect snack for many a road trip. Their products are easy and quick to use, beautiful to create with, and simple to understand. They believe anyone can bake and have a ton of fun while doing it!



Playola was founded by Pia Daing, who maintains that she combined her two passions of creativity and food and made them come together in a fun and exciting way. A designer with over fifteen years of experience and has completed her graduation in accessory design from NIFT and post-graduation from NID. She has lent her design capabilities to top brands like IKEA and Swarovski, founded her fashion jewelry brand ‘Dang,’ and managed the complete design, packaging, and retail. Her expertise and vision have enabled Playola to receive an overwhelming response from customers along with a large number of repeat orders. The consumers loved the edible cookie dough’s flavors, the versatility of the bakeable dough, and the concept behind the brand.

Playola plans to foray into doughs and batters of both the edible and bakeable variety and the broader ready-to-eat and ready-to-bake categories and launch their platform in the upcoming months. The brand is truly making waves in the country, and we are soon going to see Playola dough rise and shine in every food lover’s ovens, posts of their yummy sundae’s, thick creamy milkshakes flooded on social media, and into the hearts and stomachs of many a happy and satisfied customer!

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