Wabi Sabi – The Love story By Priyanka Aggarwal

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We live in a time period where the use of filters, editing, and photoshop thrives; space where health and beauty are often used as synonyms, and finally a world that wants eternal youth. Wabi-Sabi is a way of living that is very pertinent to today’s life. Wabi-Sabi likes to remind ourselves that growth and decay are natural phenomenons, that the flaws & scars are visible proofs of strength and courage. So while the struggle for flawless skin and healthy hair is real, the products will help you maintain your skin and hair and slowly improve it. Wabi-Sabi products are hand-made and home-made with love. All our products are made in Priyanka’s kitchen at home. All contents and ingredients are natural and chemical-free. They are locally and responsibly sourced from all over India. None of the products contain any kind of chemical preservatives and not a shred of soap in them. Wabi-Sabi offers packages for bulk orders and for gifting purpose and customizes the packaging as per you party and occasion theme. Very well conceptualized, great quality products that are affordable and a must-try. Here’s a small story on how the brand started in 2014 in Priyanka’s own words.

Wabi Sabi – The Love Story

“It was late at night and he had just arrived home. I could hear his footsteps, climbing up the stairs to the bedroom & just then I heard a soft ‘thud’. I rushed out to see if all was okay and there he was, my dear husband, trying to get a grip on what looked like six-seven hundred roses! He smiled at me and I was astonished, quite sure that it was our anniversary or my birthday. But it was a special day indeed. A week later the roses began to curl and I did not have the heart to trash them. So I tried a few things with the flowers, bottled them, and gifted it to my family as an extension of the love that was showered on me and this gave birth to my love child Wabi-Sabi.”

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