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The essence of parenthood is evolving. Primarily, mothers will always be in the spotlight because of their unique journey and bond with their children, but the role of daddy dearest is no longer limited to being the provider or the sole bread-earner. Their involvement has increased leaps and bounds over the last decade, and their role has evolved to being holistically recognized as an equal co-parent.

Nowadays, fathers are more involved in their children’s lives and activities, and this involvement bears fruit from the child’s well-being perspective. Their children not only get emotional stability but move on the path of progress in their life. Unlike earlier times when fathers were only providers of resources in families, the modern-day fathers are true providers of love, care, support, and most importantly, time.

In this article, we focus our lens on two such super-dads whose dedication and love for their children is making waves all across the globe.

Seven-year-old wonder-kid Arat Hosseini is taking social media by storm and has amazed the web world with his unusually toned diminutive physique, strong hands, gymnastic abilities, and exceptional football skills.

Arat has amassed an incredible and ever-increasing 4.8 million Instagram followers, including celebrities like heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua and footballer Rio Ferdinand. This online frenzy is definitely because of the prodigious talent that the kid possesses. Still, the sculptor of this young sensation’s fate has been none other than his doting and motivating father Mohammed Hosseini. He was the one who discovered that Arat had unusually strong hands when he was just three months old and quit his job after thirteen months to invest time in honing his son’s unique talent. He recognized his son’s prodigious talent very early when he saw his son make acrobatic moves, climb walls, and things that were unusual for his age. He received immigration offers from many countries like Kurdistan, United States, Asia, and Germany, but didn’t accept any offers then and waited for his son’s talent to blossom. After a lot of contemplation, Hosseini decided to move to England, taking into account his son’s developing football skills and the popularity of the sport in the country. He knew that his son’s talent would attract a lot of attention there, and opened his son’s official Instagram account where he started uploading videos of Arat showcasing his remarkable freestyle football skills, bicycle kicks, and seemingly intense training sessions. He uploaded one video where Arat emulated Lionel Messi, which was met with a lot of global applauds, so much so that it was met with compliments from the great footballer himself. Expectedly, his talent caught the attention of local and famous English club Liverpool, and they made preparations for Arat to join their prestigious academy. The world’s footballing governing body FIFA has also taken notice of this kid. It has made a bold statement that he will replace Messi as the world’s best footballer one day, in line with Mohammed Hosseini’s wish of his son becoming the youngest player ever to play in a World Cup. Hosseini continues to coach his son today, which can be seen in his videos on Instagram, and his efforts have led his son to be on the path of becoming a global superstar, only at age six.

Another episode of a father’s connection with his daughter is beautifully epitomized by ingenious dad Zhang Shuai, who transforms cardboard boxes into interactive toys for his five-year-old daughter Nini.

He has made more than 120 toys from waste cardboards in the past three years, and the reason he started making these toys was a special one. He says that the toys that he usually makes are ones that people from 1980 and beyond played with, and he wanted his daughter to see and feel the kind of toys that her father played with as a boy, and in the process, build a connection between the two generations. Additionally, he is also wary that people are becoming more and more obsessed with digital gadgets, and there are harmful effects brought about by technology, like difficulty in concentration. He also wants to reduce his daughter’s screen time and advises other parents to follow suit. His toys are replicas of household appliances to folklore-based toys and kits, all a hard cardboard copy of the original ones. He has managed to make cardboard replicas out of some classic video games like Tetris, Need for Speed, and Submarine Game Challenge and has made them tangible for playing in the real world. He has also built a maze game, a marble obstacle course, a pool table, a robot Wall-E. Today, his daughter doesn’t ask for a smartphone or a tablet but prefers to play games with him, which delights him very much. He gets time to spend with his daughter in the process and finds watching his daughter grow up the most meaningful experience of his life. Such has been this father’s influence that his daughter has her own toolbox now and has started coming up with her own ideas for design in toy making. With all his efforts, Zhang’s simple hope is that he can provide an innovative solution for parents, especially fathers who can encourage children to use less screen time, spend more quality time with them, and vows to keep on making more and better toys out of cardboard.

These are just two examples of doting dads who have gone the extra mile for their kids’ happiness by involving themselves in their kids’ lives and ensuring better futures for them. This co-parenting mindset is slowly but surely making its way to millions of fathers worldwide and helping kids worldwide have promising futures and, most importantly, be better human beings.

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