Top 30 Indian Mom Influencers Who Are Rocking It On Instagram

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Juggling your day-to-day household chores, playful kids, family, and your vocation may leave you gaping why can’t you have more than 24-hours a day! If that’s not enough, when was the last time you sat in serenity with a cup of coffee, merely pondering on yourself? I know it’s hard to recall.

Though “this mom’s life” is a true blessing indescribable in words, yet it’s equally worth noting that you, as a person, must get the right amount of attention and time you deserve. And it couldn’t get better if the below-listed mommies become your daily dose of inspiration who are sitting pretty at the top of Instagram and their personal life as well.

Top well-known 30 mom influencers you need to follow right away!!
1. Garima Bansal (Mommylilworld)

Ranked among the top 100 women influencers of India, Garima Bansal is a well-known name with over 50k Instagram followers. She is a digital content creator, lifestyle vlogger, food vlogger, and much more. Besides these, Garima has also done several collaborations with reputed brands of India like LuvLap, Pigeon, etc.


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2. Manya Solanki (manya_solanki)

Manya Solanki, aka the Millennium Mom, has an Instagram following of over 22k followers and a popular women influencer out there. She is a mompreneur and has done collaborations with brands like EarthyBoon, Godrej, etc.


3. Roopal Shard Bajaj (_mums_the_world)

The COVID-19 lockdown started a new chapter for Roopal Shard Bajaj, who is an Assam-based women influencer. She is a self-made fashion & lifestyle blogger, digital content creator and has featured in the startup India magazine. She is an inspiration for all the mamas out there, and that’s why over 7k followers are by her side on Instagram.


4. Shweta Toor Bhatt (sassyspiffymommy)

Shweta has over 14k people following on Instagram. She is a lifestyle and fashion blogger. Besides, she also reviews general products meant for kids and their mamas. If she isn’t enough, her son Kiyan has also taken social media by storm and has over 3k followers on his handle.


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5. Bhumika Bajaj (little_toddler_boggler)

With a following of over 14k, she is known to help her audience out of their day-to-day queries related to parenthood in general. Bhumika Bajaj is an educator by profession, a mom influencer, an artist, and a passionate writer. She is engaged in multiple collaborations with brands like Adiveda Natural, PureOnly, etc.


6. Amruta Walwaikar (mammiatales)

Known for her creative IG posts and reels, Amruta Walwaikar is a passionate mom blogger and influencer. This has led her to start her blog named marathimom.bloggers. She is an active product reviewer and leads over 7k followers on her Instagram account.


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7. Charu Jain (mommyhood_with_two)

If you think being a mom to two kids doesn’t spare time for looking after yourself, it seems you haven’t heard of Charu Jain, a renowned mom influencer, travel enthusiast, and education mentor. She is inspiring over 6k people on her Instagram and has been involved in collaborations with Mother Sparsh, LAVAL skincare, etc.

8. Shweta Mukul (amy_and_mommy)

Shweta Mukul is a featured mom influencer and an avid lifestyle, fashion, parenting, food, and travel blogger. On her Instagram handle, she keeps her audience, which over 25k in numbers, updated with her travel diaries, food recipes, and genuine products for both kids and mamas.

9. Minal Chirag (raisinglittleexplorer)

Minal is an exciting social media influencer, blogger, and Yoga expert. She delivers unique parenting tips and tricks via her IG account, which has over 20k followers and counting. Also, not to forget, Minal Chirag is an event curator and indulges in brand promotions.


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10. Ritika Malik (me_with_me_sonshine)

Ritika Malik is the founder of multiple businesses dealing in replicas, ethic wear, watches, bags, formal wear, footwear, and much more. Co-Founder of the TheQueenBeesClub, she delivers keynotes and empowers moms and motherhood together. She leads an Instagram following of over 18k followers.


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11. Kanika Bhatia (sarguntales)

With a following of over 7k, Kanika is an inspiration to many mommies out there. She is a lifestyle blogger, product reviewer, parenting blogger, and much more with collaborations with brands like Vahdam India, Oziva, Mother Sparsh, and so on.

12. Ruby Goel (raisingtweenntot)

Ruby is a fashion, mom, and lifestyle blogger who shares her tips and thoughts with her IG family, boasting over 25k followers. Moreover, she believes in DIY kinds of things and has collaborated and shared her innovations with communities like MommyWize, Mother Sparsh, HERA, Pampers India, etc.


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13. Ipsita Sinha (specta_kidmumma)

Ipsita Sinha is a certified content writer, an engineer, and a Bangalore-based parenting, motherhood, fashion, and lifestyle blogger. She has collaborated with more than 30 famous brands like Mother Sparsh, Brooklyn Creamery, Carbamide Forte, etc. She writes for several online magazines likeย Magzean.comย andย Inforanjan.comย on health, beauty, and parenting niche.

14. Swapnil N Bhat (coco_and_mommy)

An Amazon verified influencer, Mrs. Bhat is a known brand/product reviewer and promoter that caters to the needs of moms and their children. She is a lifestyle, fashion, and food blogger. In her meantime, she engages herself in DIY crafts and presents them to her IG audience, which is over 25k.

15. Shreya Jain (mom_of_sadhya)

Shreya Jain is the founder of the cool homeschooling and kids parenting website She loves sharing her motherhood experience, her travel diaries, and her new ways of parenting with her fans over social media. To date, she has over 5k followers on Instagram.


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16. Vandana Chhabra (notjustamom_me)

Vandana Chhabra is a motherhood blogger, a fashionista with her fashion sense, and a regular lifestyle blogger. Besides, she reviews beauty & hair care products. She has collaborated with brands like SESA, Homemade Baby Food By Grandma, MommyWize, Pure Cult, Blue Nector, etc.


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A post shared by vandana chhabra (@notjustamom_me)

17. Ankita (Idhantworld)

With an Instagram following of over 21k, Ankita shares her lifestyle stories, motherhood tips and is a popular kid and mom influencer. She also recommends high-grade and kids friendly toys from the brands like LuvLap. Besides, her other collaborators include Mother Sparsh, KIDZOBO Wooden Toys Books, etc.ย 


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A post shared by Ankita_Idhant (@idhantworld)

18. Shweta Salvi (mommyandsaisha)

ย Based in Pune, she helps her fans following her on Instagram from different parts of the country with her DIY pieces, baby fashion tips & tricks, popular kids activities, and much more. She is a mom influencer and has an Instagram following of over 5k and has collaborated with MommyWize, Medimix Ayurveda, Yayy naturals, Urban Botanics, etc.


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19. Sayeri Bhattacharya (sayeridiary)

Sayeri Bhattacharya is a Kolkata-based mom influencer and blogger with a following of over 38k on Instagram. She regularly updates her audience with the latest lifestyle and fashion tips, which costs nothing. As a great achievement, she has been featured by the Social Samosa and Dailyhunt. Her top collaborators include mamearth, Sunova, etc.

20. Prachi Chaurasia (chaurasiaprachi04)

Prachi is a famous blogger and influencer with an artistic mind. She shares her artworks and tips on her second IG account, namely prachees_art. Besides, she regularly posts updates on motherhood and kids on her blog.

21. Parul Jain (magician_mama)

Parul Jain is a DIY expert and fashion blogger on Instagram with a following of over 8k. She has so far collaborated with Indian household brands like Mother Sparsh, Mystique Earth, Rey naturals, etc.


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22. Priyanka Pathak (mumma_with_wings)

A self-made fashion influencer, mom blogger, and lifestyle influencer, Priyanka Pathak has a following of over 4k on Instagram, and her fan following is growing at a splendid rate. Her usual collaborators include Johnson’s baby, Mee Mee India, etc. Not to forget, she is the coolest mom out there on Instagram.

23. Sapna Singh (singh5)

Sapna has proven that being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t get time for yourself. She is herself a mom and manages her hobbies that include reading, vlogging, art & craft, etc. With a following of over 8k on Instagram, she has earned several reputed collaborations with motherhug, mamaearth, Clovia, etc.ย 


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A post shared by $apna (@sapna.singh5)

24. Meghanka Rathore (nr)

St.Botanica, ROOPAYUR SKINCARE, Tie it up,.and Mother Sparsh are two common collaborators of Meghanka Rathore, who leads Instagram with a following of over 1.5k. She is a fashion and lifestyle influencer and shares her motherhood tips and thoughts over social media platforms.


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A post shared by Meghanka N Rathore (@meghanka_nr)

25. Mahita Tunuguntla (mommy_lilbum)

Mahita is an enthusiastic DIV expert and travel-friendly woman who loves cooking as well and sharing her recipes with her Instagram followers, which are over 21k. Her famous collaborations include one with Mom & World, Chemtexlimited, BIODERMA, etc.


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A post shared by Mahita (@mommy_lilbum)

26. Binita Chovatia Parikh (mommielicious)

ย Binita has a fan following of over 2k on Instagram, and she finds great pleasure in art & crafts, sensory play games for babies, DIY activities, and play-based learning for kids.

27. Taruni (lazymom_crazybaby)

With a handsome IG following of close to 20k, she shares her parenting journey, tips, and tricks, and lifestyle tips as well. Her major achievements include IHW COUNCIL Health and well-being Ambassador trophy. She is also a Babychakra selected influencer. Her famous collaborators include Happa Foods, LuvLap, AGARO Lifestyle, etc.


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28. Tripti Sharma (mommy_n_sonshine)

Tripti Sharma is a hardworking mom who likes sharing her experiences and thoughts on her motherhood journey with the 5k people connected to her on Instagram. Besides, she loves makeup, DIY activities, cooking. Her famous collaborations include those with COCO SOUL, Mother Sparsh, The Moms Co., BIODERMA, etc.


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29. Simran Lekhi (motherhood_therealstory)

ย Simran Lekhi is an innovative and hardworking mother influencer and an avid writer. With an Influencer following of close to 500 to date, she is up and growing to become the most vigilant mom influencer on Instagram. She is a proud founder of KiDSTACK where you can discover Indian toy brands manufacturing non-toxic and child-safe toys under one roof.

30. Gopa (mommygopa)

Mother of two, Gopa is a travel enthusiast and mom blogger at She loves sharing her parenting tips, travel tips, and day-to-day life hacks to her over 7k followers on Instagram. A regular product reviewer, Gopa engages with several reputed brands like Mother Sparsh, NAOS India Babycare, Momsmade Naturals, VASU aromatics, etc.

Hold on! There are MANY other mom influencers on Instagram taking social media by storm through their skills, passion, and hard work. So, this list isn’t complete yet but surely something to start with and get inspired. Who knows you might be the next mom influencer whose name might make it to the above list ๐Ÿ™‚

Please Note: The ranking given in the article is on the basis of content and engagement created by the participating influencers for MommyWize.ย 
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