Step-by-Step Guide to Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Beginners

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Yoga is a way of life that can be described as a holistic and integral science in dealing with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of an individual and society as a whole. Yoga gives us a way to leave the world of chaos behind and attain inner peace. When you are just starting your journey with yoga, it can be confusing or too much to handle at the beginning. Therefore, it would be best if you slowly got into the habit of yoga with accessible practices at first. One such often adapted technique is “Vinyasa yoga,” as it is suitable for beginners and serves as a stepping stone.

Vinyasa is also known as “flow” as it shows the smooth way the poses run together, and it acts as a heart opener. The vinyasa flow yoga is like a dance, connecting each body movement with breath and seeking flow in each pose and transition. Vinyasa for beginners comprises four Vinyasa yoga poses that are – plank, knees, chest and chin, cobra, and downward-facing dog.

Your start at the plank position by jumping or stepping back from the front of your mat. If the plank is hard for you, you can always touch your knees to the ground keeping your shoulders over your wrists and hips in line with your shoulders. Then exhale to lower knees, then chest, and lastly, your chin. Further, you exhale and transition into a cobra pose; in this, you lower your hips to the floor and lift your chest from the ground. Last but not least, exhale and curl your toes under as you straighten your arms to push back to Downward Facing Dog.

This overall process of vinyasa flow yoga helps you build arm strength and is a good backbend warm-up. Vinyasa flow yoga specialty is its diversity. If you do not like sticking to an up-tight routine and like movement, this type of yoga is worth trying out. No rule of thumb has to be followed with the sequence of actions which gives us the freedom to mold according to our personalities and let it just flow, which is the literal meaning of Vinyasa.

Vinyasa meets you where you are, which in today’s environment is generally high-energy and moving in a million different directions simultaneously. It meets you there and takes your hand to bring you back to the inner calm you already possess.

Watch the video for a 20 mins Vinyasa for Beginners

Video Credit: @morphicyogi

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