5 Skincare Products That Are Best for Your Baby’s Delicate Skin

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Hey mommies! Do you have a habit to always read the back of product labels to know the ingredients used before purchasing products? Well, if you don’t, this practice is one you would like to adopt for buying skincare for your children. You would be surprised to see the number of toxins present in the most regular and popular baby care products that can be harsh and abrasive for your toddler’s skin. Babies have super delicate and fragile cotton-like skin. So, toiletries filled with chemicals can cause discomfort to your little one’s sensitive skin and should be a definite no-no. Going clean and natural is the safest option. But looking at the wide variety of natural and organic brands on the shelves on supermarkets, that all claim to deliver the best for your baby’s skin, it can become incredibly confusing to choose the right ones that won’t disappoint. Well, worry no more, below are some of the best chemical-free and natural products in the market that will work like a charm for your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.

1. Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Wash: Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Wash

Made with natural plant elements and herbs, Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Wash is a gentle and tear-free, completely organic baby wash, free from parabens or chemicals. It is a botanical blend of organic herbs, plant extracts, and essential oils and is specially designed for babies’ delicate and sensitive skin. It is gentle to baby’s eyes and carries the natural fragrance of oils like chamomile oil, avocado oil, calendula oil, grape seed oil, and coconut oil. With the added presence of natural herbs and plant extract, this wash is a bunch of skin-soothing agents which is safe and acceptable to your baby’s soft skin. Cost: 349 INR

2. Omved SHISHU Baby Ubtan: Omved SHISHU Baby Ubtan

Omved Shishu Baby Ubtan is an Ayurvedic cleansing bath oil with the goodness of herbs, flowers, and gain powders. It is completely rash-free and cleanses, nourishes, hydrates, and purifies the baby’s skin. It consists of green moong, rose petals, vetiver, turmeric, tulsi – all friendly botanicals that are scientifically proven to have medical benefits and are healthy for your baby’s tender skin. It is safe to use instead of soap for your little one. This ubtan can be used from a week after the birth of your baby. Cost: 499 INR

3. Moms Co. Natural Baby Lotion: Moms Co. Natural Baby Lotion

The Moms Co. Natural Baby Lotion nourishes, protects, and moisturizes your baby’s skin. With the benefits of organic elements like apricot, avocado, jojoba, and rice bran, it is specially designed for your baby’s first three years and is safe and gentle on the skin. It is completely rid of any potentially harmful chemicals and is USDA-certified. It has anti-inflammatory properties that replenish and restore the skin’s natural pH, has vitamins and tocotrienols that help build immunity and hydrates the skin, has organic shea and cocoa butter that deeply moisturizes, nourishes, and softens the skin. It keeps the baby’s skin soft and silky long after application. Cost: 334 INR

4. Mother Sparsh Talc-Free Natural Dusting Powder for Babies: Mother Sparsh Talc-Free Natural Dusting Powder for Babies

Mother Sparsh dusting powder is formulated with natural extracts that absorb moisture on the baby’s skin naturally. It is talc-free, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic in nature. Naturally derived from corn-starch and arrowroot, complete with the goodness of lavender oil, it provides a gentle way to soothe your baby’s delicate skin and leaves it feeling soft, smooth, and comfortable. It’s zero talc formula keeps baby skin dry, soothes irritation and diaper rashes. So, give your little one a natural start with this extra-gentle and natural dusting powder. Cost: 225 INR

5. Life & Pursuits Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil: Life & Pursuits Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil

Life & Pursuits Organic Baby Massage Oil is perfect for taking gentle care and protecting your baby’s sensitive skin. This Ayurvedic massage oil promotes healthy skin, improves overall body strength, and enhances the baby’s immunity system. It consists of soothing and anti-microbial properties, which ensure that your baby’s skin is healthy and lustrous. It is 100% natural and certified organic by USDA(USA), NATURE (Europe), and India Organic. It is safe and toxin-free and enriched with potent Ayurveda herbs like Ashwagandha, Neem, Haldi, and Calendula that promote the body’s strength, vitality, and immunity. Cost: 289 INR So, those are our top picks for baby care products that are must-haves. As your little one is so very precious, their skin needs special care as well. While navigating through and choosing skincare for your young one, always be extra careful and check the ingredients at the back of the products because, of course, your baby deserves the very best!

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