Post-Natal Massage- Your Pathway to Health

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A post-natal massage is a massage meant for women after their delivery. It is a full-body massage and is meant to give the new mother relief after months of carrying another life and after an exhausting delivery. Carrying a baby inside you is no easy task, and not many people realize what a toll it takes on the mother’s health. A post-natal massage is just one of the many ways to help rejuvenate and relax the new mother.

Benefits of Post-Natal Massage

A post-natal massage has many benefits for the mother. Some of these are:

1.Recovery of Uterus

Post-natal massage can help bring the uterus back to its normal size and help in the uterus’ cleansing process, which happens after delivery.

2.Improves Lactation

Post-natal massage incorporates special techniques to stimulate breast tissues. This may help to increase the production of milk and improve lactation.

3.Stress Buster

A massage can help relax and unwind. After months of carrying your baby and sleepless nights after your delivery, a massage might be just the thing you need to beat the stress and the exhaustion. A good postpartum massage can also help fight postpartum blues and depression.

4.Reduces Swelling

The pressure exerted by the uterus on your blood vessels during the pregnancy can affect blood circulation and lead to water retention and swelling of joints. A massage can help improve circulation and can also reduce swelling by eliminating toxins and excess fluids etc.

Did you Know?

Most women experience swelling in their feet during pregnancy, but did you know it can alter your shoe size?
“The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that average-sized women gain between 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. That extra weight puts your feet under pressure; the additional weight you carry may flatten the arch of your foot; with the arch flattened, you might find that you need an extra half-inch larger shoe size to be comfortable.

5.Helps to Prevent Lumps and Blocks

Blocked milk ducts are a very common phenomenon in lactating and feeding mothers. This can cause a bacterial infection because the milk can stagnate due to the blocked milk duct. This is known as mastitis and can be very painful. Post-natal massage can help prevent this condition by loosening out the lumps and improving the flow of milk.

6.Brings a Glow

A massage can help your skin glow and can also help reduce stretch marks.

Who can give  Post-Natal Massage?

In India, quite a few people follow the mandatory 40-day period of confinement. This 40-day period is meant to help the mother rest and recover and build up her immunity. Many women get a ‘japa’ to help them during this period. A ‘japa’ is a maid that will help you look after the baby and yourself for the first few weeks. She knows how to massage the baby and also knows how to do post-natal massages. You can also get a professional masseuse to help you with your post-natal massage. These women are well trained and know exactly how to apply pressure and how to massage so that you can extract maximum benefit from it.

When can you start getting a massage?

You can start your post-natal massages as soon as you are back from the hospital and are feeling up to it. However, if you have had a Caesarean delivery, you need to stay away from the wound site and not apply pressure to it. You can only start your post-natal massage once you have healed sufficiently.

Which oil should you use for your Post-partum Massage?

It is really up to you which oil you prefer for your massage. Avoid heavily scented oils as your baby may have a reaction to it. Some of the options that you can consider are almond oil, coconut, mustard, olive, sesame, etc. Mustard oil is a good option for winters, and coconut oil is good for summers.

Precautions to take During the Massage
  1. Choose a position comfortable for you, but avoid putting pressure on the abdominal area.
  2. Avoid the area of the wound if you have had a Caesarean delivery. Stick to the arms, legs, breasts, head, etc.
  3. Get your massage done by someone who is professionally trained in postpartum massage.
  4. Refrain from massages if you have any skin conditions or rashes. The oil may end up aggravating your condition.

Once you have the baby, the post-natal massage is probably the only time you will have to relax and look after yourself for some time. Enjoy this one-hour of being pampered and pummeled into a blissful state of relaxation. To make sure you are not disturbed during this time, ensure that the baby is well-fed and will not disturb you because he/she is hungry. If you have an elder in the house, let them look after the baby for the duration of the massage. If you do not have someone who can look after the baby, you can still enjoy your massage. Just fix a time when you know the baby will be resting and won’t disturb you during the massage.

Post-natal massage has a number of benefits, apart from helping you to relax, which we have discussed above. However, do consult with your doctor before you start with your post-natal massages. Enjoy your massages on your road to recovery, as these will lead to a healthy and happy mommy, which will help raise healthy and happy babies.

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