Fashion 101 for Soon-To-Be-Moms

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Motherhood is a wonderful time. But if you ask someone going through the phase before being a mother and holding her newborn in her hand, she would be a bundle of emotions. The body goes through so many changes, and nobody can really predict them. As such, there are no hard and fast fashion choices for soon-to-be-moms. But there are certain guidelines of the sort that everyone seems to follow. Some of these universal rules include:

1. Shop sparingly

These are the clothes you would not wear for more than a year. So try to use what you already have. Clothes are for the long haul, so when you are buying something new, try to think of its feasibility after you are with the newborn. Elastics are lifesavers in this regard.

2. Let it grow

Just like the baby, buy clothes that would grow with you. Stretchable pants in monotone, for instance, can be worn at the waist when your tummy starts showing. After the year, you can go back to wearing it normally. Such clothes will be your BFF’s during these times. When you’re expecting, comfort takes precedence, yes. But that does not mean you can’t have fashion as well.

3. Explore the existing

You never know what an evening of wardrobe cleanup can give you. You might already have bump-friendly, baby-friendly, stretchable comfort inside your closet. Take inventories. Of course, you needn’t stick to your wardrobe only. Hop onto your significant others’ closet and go shopping!

4. Footwear

It’s the base upon which you stand, and it supports your whole frame. This means that for footwear, comfort takes precedence. The foundation got to be strong and supportive. Swap out those 6-inches with comfy sneakers.

5. What works for you?

Don’t go blindly based on what the silhouettes have to offer. Some find their comfort in stretchy leggings, but some might be uber comfortable in dresses. You are the most important person, and you should treat yourself with comfort. Find your zone of peace and then try to experiment with it.

6. Wardrobe 2.0

For the next 7-10 months, keep these clothes separate, where you can easily reach them whenever you want. During the initial months of pregnancy, it would be really helpful for your future self if you can sort out all your clothes and save the stuff you’ll need for the next few months and separating it out. This saves you a lot of pain and trouble.

7. Belts

Undoubtedly belts are your new best friends. You can wear a loose knee-length dress and look pregnant. You can add on a simple belt and look pregnant but with style. It’s the ultimate hack. Of course, these aren’t hard and fast rules. But these hacks could definitely make your days much easier, and you can focus on more important things.

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