Travel Planning Job for New Mother

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It is 4 a.m., and you wake up to the wails of your baby. By the time it sleeps again, it is 8 a.m. already. This is one of the many reasons why returning to work feels like absurdity and a blurred memory from a past life to you. It is obviously traumatizing for a new mother. Suddenly, you feel tired and hopeless. You start questioning your abilities and suffer from a moment of existential crisis. I remember my mother telling me once that when a woman becomes a mother, she not only gives birth to a child, she gets reborn too. It is true because after having your own flesh and blood in the form of a child, you might have become a new person altogether. No matter how independent you were, keeping the well-being of someone else way above, you have become your new world, 24*7. Your kid would need your presence at all times, as initial months are difficult for it as well. With your new body, responsibilities, and mindset, working from home can be the most suitable option for you. Technology has proved to be a boon for women who recently became employees in the field of motherhood. It has made things more seamless and opened new horizons for young moms to fulfill their ambitions so as to have an identity other than just being a mom. Believe me, there is not a job harder than a mother’s, and hence they prove to be one of the best workers with all their mommy skills. While blogging, sales, and other literary works have existed as possibilities for some time, we are going to unravel the field of travel and hospitality as a more prospective field of Travel planning job for new mothers.

● Travel Planner Consultant

In travel planning, mainly, you would have to plan everything regarding a vacation according to the varied requirements of your client. You would have to prepare the itinerary, plan the excursions, flights, stays, transportation, etc. in a manner convenient to the travelers, while presenting them the best deals and experience. Who can be more expert at planning things apart from a mom? Most of these travel planners work online; hence you would be able to secure a ‘work from home’ job easily enough. There are various sites like TripAdvisor, Roadtrippers, and many other local travel agencies who can hire you to write and sell holiday packages descriptively to turn in bookings, ask you to solve issues diplomatically online, having in-depth knowledge of the company brochures and services. The opportunities are endless for you. You can effortlessly establish your own start-up as well with a small investment, a treasure of talent and will-power. If you have a craze for traveling, your experience and zeal can work as cheery on top of the cake.  Few agencies offer travel credits as a benefit, which can allow you and your family to travel. If you’re lucky, this can be one of the many job perks at disposal for your entire family. I can fathom your sense of relief that finally, you would be able to look after your little one and provide for your family as well, in the comfort of your home. As a new mother, you would need time with your munchkin to bond as mothers never come programmed to understand their child’s unsaid needs.

● Vacation Hosting

The world of hospitality is full of prospects that cater to everyone’s needs. What if you don’t want to spend time sitting online or on calls? Rather than doing work from home, you can also make your home your job. Seems interesting, right? At least it did to me when I stumbled across it for the first time. Vacation hosting involves lending your room, flat, villa, or any private property you own as a short period rentable living space. It would depend upon the number of people traveling and their respective budgets. Most of the large groups prefer to have a private space away from the intrusion of the hoards of guest bustling in a hotel. Also, youngsters traveling with a limited budget would not mind sharing a room in a pristine location. A mother is usually the home-maker. If organizing things, looking after them, maintaining hygiene, and ensuring positive vibes through comfortable yet alluring interiors are a few among all your talents, you can feasibly become a vacation host. You can carry your child to the property and let him play around while you work to maintain your home. Many sites like Airbnb, Vrbo etcetera are few sites where you can put up your property for rentals easily for vacation hosting and increase bookings. This job can fuel your passion as well as help you look after your child without staying away from it at all. What can be more comforting for a new mum? Becoming a mother can be a blissful dream for many women, but it has the potential of becoming a nightmare if things are not planned out or you are unhappy. Your presence is crucial for the proper development of the baby, especially in the initial months. Indian society brutally judges mothers who want to continue working. It is high time that we mothers show them that having a baby does not mean losing ourselves in the process but embracing maternity with the boldness of a lioness.

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