Picksparrow, Pick Your Newborn’s Happiness with 100% Organic Cotton Clothing

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Picksparrow is all about love, warmth, and cotton.

Mothers always want their babies to be wrapped by something which makes them comfortable, gives them joy, and most importantly, cares for their sensitive skin. They want their babies to have the feeling of the same security and happiness as being wrapped around in their very own arms. This unanimously tender feeling was also felt in southern India, which ultimately gave rise to one of India’s most creative and innovative newborn baby clothing brands – Picksparrow. This up-and-coming newborn baby brand originated from God’s own country Kerala, and is all about love, warmth, and cotton. It is the joyful manifestation of four cousins – Neethu, Priyanka, Reshma, and Geethu, who dreamt of collaborating and setting up something together right from their early 20s, something small, yet something lovable.

As years passed by, these four entrepreneurial spirits turned into working mothers, soaking in the pleasure and pressure of motherhood. On their path, they had an epiphany that mothers are less tired if the baby is comfortable and happy. Comfortable clothing plays a crucial role in this mother-baby happiness equation, especially cotton-made clothing. They discovered that newborn baby clothes made of 100% cotton were scarcely available in the market, and these four budding businesswomen had the intelligence and vision to identify the opportunity in this scarcity. Their journey was arduous and slow. They tried out several fabrics, had multiple discussions with other parents, and initially developed an innovative concept of a hospital kit with all the immediate essentials for a newborn baby. A year later, equipped with their elderly knowledge and experiences, they fulfilled their young collaborative dream and created 100% cotton clothes for newborns, giving birth to brand Picksparrow.

While Neethu and Reshma have left their corporate jobs and currently handle Picksparrow’s operations and marketing, creative heads Priyanka and Geethu still continue working in the banking sector. Brand Picksparrow today has a comprehensive collection of baby clothes made of 100% cotton. One of the unique features of the brand Picksparrow is that the clothes are made to suit the varying climatic conditions in different geographies across India. E.g., southern India is hotter and more humid than its northern counterpart. Hence, to accommodate this difference in temperatures, they make clothes with lightweight cotton fabric and cozy hosiery cotton fabric.

The up-and-coming brand uses natural fibers in its products which are beneficial to the baby, mother, and the ecosystem, and stays away from using synthetic fibers like polyester. The business initially started as a partnership firm comprising four partners – Neethu and Reshma – two mothers, Sreejith the father, and Das the grandfather. Having diverse sets of parents in their firm helps them incorporate varied perspectives in their designs.

One of the obvious yet significant challenges that the firm faced was sourcing 100% cotton fabrics. Currently, the brand sources materials from northern and southern India and has outsourced the manufacturing to two firms. They also work closely with women tailors and plan to widen this network to many more women locally.

One of the co-founders, Neethu, says,

“In the early phase, we started with a single lady who used to stitch and do embroidery occasionally at home. She recommended us to her acquaintances, and slowly the network began to grow. Now we work with around ten local tailors apart from the garment firms.”

Another co-founder Reshma, adds,

” We are equally proud and glad that we can fulfill a small part of our social responsibility beautifully this way.”

The brand originates from Kerala, a land known for its coconut tree-lined beaches and beautiful backwaters. To give something back to their homeland, they wish to showcase traditional Kerala’s beauty via an unbleached cotton cloth fabric with a kasavu border and add this new clothing line to their Vishu Collection. The emerging newborn baby brand is also planning to introduce cotton crochet newborn knitted wear in a couple of months. Their market research has discovered that most of the crochet fabrics available in the market are made with synthetic acrylic fibers and have deadly potential to cause diseases like cancer. The brand is aware that the profit margins may reduce with 100% cotton crochet yarn, but refuses to waiver from its core sustainability principles and eco-friendly initiatives. This environment-friendly, sustainable packaging is a big reason for their brand popularity. The founders believe that conscious packaging has a positive impact on consumers. It doesn’t involve the usage of harmful materials like plastic, and also wishes for other sellers to do their bit to reduce the carbon footprint


The brand marches on in the Indian market, collecting an ever-increasing base of happy customers and satisfied mothers. With its unique and diverse product catalogue and eco-friendly design, the brand is on the path of becoming synonymous with the kind of fabric most mothers would want to wrap their newborn bundles of joy with!

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