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On his appearance in the Late Night with Seth Meyers, Ryan Gosling gave his advice on being a new dad; “Do the dirty work. A human being will exit your wife, so she’s done enough. Just change the diapers.” He’s right. Your wife is going through another series of changes, but physical and emotional, now that she’s given birth. Your new goal should be to support her as well as build your relationship with your newborn. Becoming a new dad is a turning point in your life. You will be going through so much physically, mentally, and emotionally. Surfing the waves of exhaustion from staying up all night to take care of the newborn is merely an easy task compared to the joy you’ll experience from seeing it sleep. So how does one successfully overcome these tasks and what are the guide for new dads and build a healthy relationship with the baby, and thus your family?

1. Baby

The member of your family that requires constant care is definitely the baby. Every waking hour you will be worried about what to do. But don’t worry, like everything else, taking care of a newborn is also something that gets better with time. + Don’t turn to anyone for help right in the beginning. Learn to take care of the baby yourself. Getting hands-on with the baby is very important. Touch is important for the baby to know it’s being cared for. Get used to your child early on. Bathing, changing its clothes and diapers, and playing; do all of it. + Babies are not exactly the smartest of creatures. Sometimes you will get frustrated, not knowing why it’s been crying for hours. It’s so easy to lose your composure. But don’t. Be patient and kind to the baby. + They aren’t the cleanest either. So get ready to get your hands dirty. Taking care of the babies every need will mess up your house and clothes, but learn how to manage all this early on. Once you’re used to it, it would be a huge help to both yourself and your wife. + Bonding with your baby is important. Don’t just be on your smartphone all day. Take some time off from electronic devices and spend one-on-one time with your baby. Read stories for it, sing songs, or just talk to the baby. They may not understand what you’re saying but focusing the baby on you helps their growth. + With a baby, you might have to give up a lot of things. You shouldn’t give up everything but learn to prioritize things. Some things should be avoided just so you can spend that extra time making time for your child.

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2. Wife

With your hands almost full with a new member, don’t forget about the beautiful woman who helped bring it to life. Your wife is going through so many changes, physically and emotionally. So being there for her is absolutely important to her well-being as well as yours. + She just underwent a huge physical process. No matter what the process she underwent, there are so many changes happening to her. Be kind to her. Watch out for her, just like you take care of the baby. + Helping her gain strength and helping her recovery is important. So give her plenty of food, fiber, and water. The faster she’s back to her healthy self, the easier you can manage the baby. + She’s new to motherhood as much as you’re to fatherhood. This is the time when you encourage each other. A mother is vital to a baby in the initial months. Stand by her and help her navigate motherhood. Whether it be about breastfeeding or just getting her a cup of water, be there. + It would do wonders if you could give her a day off, especially if she’s a working mom. With her life suddenly changed with a new baby and the work from the office, giving her a weekend off while you take off the baby will help her find inner peace and rest time. Looking after her emotional and mental health is important.

3. You

Last but not least, yourself. Taking care of oneself might be hard, but it is important. In the midst of your wife and baby, do not forget about self-care. A piece of mind can go a long way in being able to help your family as well. You are to be the pillar that supports the other two. + Don’t get lost in your baby and wife. While taking care of them, create memories. Although right now, it’s hectic and tiring, someday you’ll look back with fondness. To capture the important moments. + It’s so easy to forget what peace meant, now that you’re pulling the second all night because the baby has been crying all night. It is important to notice when quiet times come. Tuck in your wife and baby and just enjoy the peace and tranquillity. It helps a lot. + It is too easy to forget you had a life before you helped create one. Don’t forget that you are an individual too. Take up some hobbies or focus on the ones you have too. It’s important to take care of yourself. + Don’t outright refuse anyone who is trying to help you. It can be trying times but at least try to accept help. It needn’t be watching your baby for a day; it could be just picking up groceries. Little things like this will make your day a lot better. With a new baby, your family has grown. To maintain cohesion between all the members, you should take care of each of these aspects individually. Only with the well- being of every member of your family can you be truly happy.

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