Simple tips for Mompreneurs to make their Brand stand out on Social Media!

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Have you set up a new business venture or planning to start one soon and are facing this problem of not being able to reach out to new consumers? You might already know this, but the secret ingredient to growing your business is SOCIAL MEDIA! Long gone are the days of mouth publicity; now, what you need to do is to create a buzz and go viral! Modern-day mothers are playing the game of social media just right. But managing social media accounts for your business might seem like an overwhelming and difficult task, especially when you have a whole family to take care of. It is really important to advertise and push your business on social media because that is where everyone is right now! There is a high chance that the consumer will check your social media first before checking your actual website. If you are using social media regularly for your business venture but not getting the appropriate results or response, don’t give up on social media just yet, it is a powerful tool to drive sales and attention for your product. All you need to focus on is to optimize your Social Media Account, create a strategy, be consistent, and use social media to its fullest potential and just use it right! We have put together some tools and tricks to equip you with how to start and where to make changes in your online strategies, and how do manage it on your own with easy on the pocket tools if you don’t have the budget to keep a dedicated team! So let’s learn and make your business successful online! A perfect social media marketing consists of 3 coherent and simple steps-

Step 1. Choose the Target Platform!

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter. There are so many platforms to get on! We all try to engage with all the social media platforms at once, which can be confusing and overwhelming. So, take your time, and according to your product and your target audience, choose one or two platforms that are best for you to create brand awareness and drive sales. If the platform is not appropriate according to the kind of product and the potential audience, then all your efforts can go in vain. Choosing the right platform is the most important step.

Step 2. Quality Content!

“I don’t know what to post.” Creating quality content can be a back-breaking task. Content is directly proportional to engagement. Better the content, better the engagement on the posts! What’s more, baffling and troublesome is- WHERE TO START?

Before starting or setting up your brand’s social media account, you must make sure you have the following-  

  1.Brand name– You must already have a name for your brand. But if you are thinking of starting your marketing from Instagram, it is possible that the username for your brand name might not be available. In that case, create a creative username that relates to your brand and your audience.          

2.Brand logo  – To make your product stand out, you need to give it a unique logo. It should define what your brand is all about and what you want people to think when they see your brand logo. To create a logo yourself, you can use,,, etc. These websites are completely free and will help you make a creative logo for your brand!          

3. Tagline –If you want your brand to have a voice, you will need a catchy tagline. It should be short, simple, and able to define you and your brand. After you’ve set up your account, you need to start creating content!

Social media is all about people connecting with their friends and family. Create content that is relevant to them on a human level. Create ‘shareable content,’ content which they can share with their friends. It will help you build your social community. Go to your competitor’s social media. Find the posts which have received the maximum number of likes, shares, and comments and create content with similar elements. It’s about relevant posting and not about posting in large quantities. But consistently posting on social media is just not possible. You will run out of ideas and inspirations.

Let’s look at some tools which can help you create content!


Canva is a graphic design tool that is completely free, and it is designed for non-designers! You can make         Instagram posts, stories, banners, flyers, posters, and much more! You select which template you need; it gives you a blank canvas, or you can choose from the various  template suggestions and start


Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool that helps you give an overview of how popular the keyword you’ve entered is and gives you other keyword ideas. Other than keyword suggestions, it gives you endless ideas for creating content. Put any broad keyword from your domain into uber suggest. Scroll down, and you will see content ideas report from your space. It is an all-in-one tool that provides SEO analytics, keywords, and content ideas!


Snapseed is a photography editing app. It’s simple to use. It has many cool filters and amazing standard features which you need for editing a picture.


Hootsuite is an amazing social media management platform. It helps you create content and schedule it. It is more about the content organization. Scheduling the content makes it easier to for busy working moms.

 5.Answer the public!

You will never run out of ideas if you start using! All you need to do is type in the keyword, scroll down, and you can see an entire slew of questions being asked related to that particular keyword you entered!


Unsplash is a free stock photography website where you can get amazing free pictures for your social media! Go to, search for the key term; it will give you an ocean of beautiful pictures; you can download it and use as a background or just post the pictures with a cool caption.

Step 3. Promotion!

After creating killer content, you also need to promote it online. Every social media platform has its own way of advertisements or promotion. You can either promote your content free or you can pay for it. For free promotion-

      1.Create Facebook groups!

Facebook is all about community building. People connect and share what they like. Join various Facebook groups, send requests to relevant people, ask your friends to share your Facebook group, engaging post content, and grow your community.

     2.Reposting goes a long way!

Encourage your customers to post images and tag you or use a specific hashtag for your brand and then repost them on your account. Sharing customer’s experiences will help build brand loyalty and a larger community noticing your product.

    3.Influencer marketing

You can use bloggers or social media influencers to promote your brand. Make them use your product and post a picture with it, or comment on their posts, engage with them and their audience. It will open up an ocean of new possibilities for your brand.


Giveaways are a great way to grow your audience and encourage people to check out your product. For free products, your social media will start flowing with followers, likes, comments, reposts, and shares. Once they notice your brand, they will surely engage with it!

    5.Engage live!

Don’t try to schedule everything. Post impromptu content! If you’re out with your family and you want to share a sweet moment with your audience, go ahead! Don’t be afraid to show your personality. Give people a glimpse of your personal life. It will create more trust and authenticity for your brand.

Stay Committed! Stay Consistent!

Social media is not a magic pill that will make your product famous in one day. It requires determination, focus, commitment, and patience. Don’t give up if your posts aren’t getting much traffic or engagement. You will have to make social media your priority. Set some time aside for social media every day. It will be hard for working mothers, but once you see the power of what social media can do for your brand, you will naturally take out time for it. Constant efforts will help your business grow online! After all, consistency always leads to excellence!

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