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Motherhood might give women the purest feeling of joy, but it can quickly transition into a state of confusion, anxiety, and panic for many of them. Despite being nature’s most prevalent phenomenon, its challenges can be daunting and isolate a budding mother into loneliness and despair. The change from the initial vocal tokens of love such as “Oh my sweet baby!… I will always love you and take care of you” to internal bone-chilling episodes of internal crippling doubt such as “How can I be a good mother when I don’t even know how to take care of my baby!’, is imminent.

To help mothers transition smoothly from an afraid lonesome spirit to a supported and well-informed one, many mothers worldwide have started sharing their motherhood and parenting journeys publicly. These include the complete package of challenges faced, joyful moments experienced to intelligent modern-day parenting tips. Mom bloggers and influencers today have bested the art of documenting their journey via platforms such as YouTube and Instagram and are creating engaging, valuable, and relatable content.

We look at ten such mom bloggers who have established themselves in the online space and are helping millions of new mothers.

Arushi Seth @arushi_a_thinkaholic

As her Instagram handle suggests, Arushi maintains that her mind has been in overdrive ever since she became a mom in 2016. However, all that mental activity has manifested into some informative content for new mothers on essential topics such as postpartum depression, remedies for infant cough and colds, parental sleep deprivation, and many more.

“I have always been a thinkaholic, but I think my brain started working at a double pace when I became a mother in 2016. I have a daughter, who is referred as Little Miss A in my posts. (I often pray, she stays little.)I write about many aspects of a parenting journey.” – Arushi Seth

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A Simple Guide for New Moms to Understand Postpartum Depression

Ila Varma @varmaila

Ila Varma is a professional blogger and operates through her website, ‘’ Here, she has touched upon some interesting topics on emotions, love, and relationships, and most importantly, motherhood. She penned down the topic of converting one’s parental skills into a profession on her website, making for a fascinating and informative read.

” I am a  blogger by profession, Brand Ambassador, Freelancer Content Writer, Creative Writer, Ghost Writer, Influencer, Poet. In spite of odds in life, I keep smiling and keep the sprits burning.” – Ila Varma

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Awesome Destinations In India to have a Cool Summer Holiday with your Family

Priyanka Patwari @flavorsofworld

Kolkata-based award-winning mom blogger Priyanka Patwari has a strong Instagram follower base of 17000. She operates through her website, ‘,’ where she has provided information on keeping kids engaged while flying, the effects of comparing your children to others, etc.

“When I, sit in the balcony and gaze at the Ganges that flows so peacefully and touches the lives of so many, a thought instills in mind how it would be if I could also connect to so many people. Being a Mommy to a four year and wife to a loving husband paved my way so as to fulfill my this dream to get in touch with more and more people.”- Priyanka Patwari

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My daughter – My Most Precious Possession

Ipsita Sinha @Specta_kidmumma

Along with being a doting mother to a child with an above-average IQ, Ipsita Sinha also has a strong 10000+ follower base on Instagram. An engineer by qualification, but a writer by profession, Ipsita has touched upon important topics like emotional intimacy and hopes to inspire women to remain happy on the bumpy road of motherhood.

Ipsita, better known as Specta_kidmumma, is an engineering graduate by qualification, a certified content writer by profession, a Momblogger by passion, and a mother by choice. She believes in keeping her foot on the ground and eyes on the stars. Her page inspire women to remain happy while riding the bumpy road of motherhood.

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Emotional Intimacy: My Realization About a Successful Relationship

Neha Bhalla @Mommytomysons

A fun, sassy mother to a boy and wife to the most supportive husband, Neha Bhalla resorts to writing to vent out her soul and pacify her heart whenever it is weary. She has a strong 21000+ follower base on Instagram and has covered varied and essential topics ranging from co-sleeping with your child, dressing up the baby bump, doodle therapy for kids, to tips for surviving weddings with kids. She has been a part of the ‘P For Parenting’ podcast, where she spoke about motherhood, the pandemic, her relationship with her in-laws, etc.

“Blogging and writing came to me accidentally, when I had lost my identity completely.  I am a feminist who believes only strong men can love strong women. “- Neha Bhalla

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Small Town Mothers And The Fear Of Being Judged

Shubhangi Jain @diaper_and_mommy

A truly global mom with a strong Instagram follower base of 93000+, Shubhangi Jain has traveled the world from South Africa to Dehradun and finally set base at Mumbai. She has featured in the Times of India and she has even been a part of Spotify’s podcast ‘P For Parenting,’ where she shared her motherhood journey.

“A mom who loves to travel and cook. I am pen down my soul @diaper_and_mommy” – Shubhangi Jain

Read the article by Shubhangi Jain

Positive Parenting Tips

Garima Kakkar @garima_mom_blogger@

Mom blogger Garima Kakkar has a strong Instagram base of 20K followers.  Apart from mom blogging, Garima is also a fashion and lifestyle enthusiast and a very able product reviewer.

Sonam Choudhary @jarfulloflemons

Mom to a lovely daughter, Sonam Choudhary is a cake artist at the Wishin’ Oven, a wine connoisseur, and a dreamer. She left a job in the hotel industry to give all her attention to her child for the initial two years. She currently bakes at home, and treats customers with fantastic cake art, and always strives to find that fine line between parenthood and pursuing her passions.

“I am constantly amused with the experiences life offers when you least expect them. I took a hiatus from my action packed hotel job to be full time mommy in an uber-nuclear family setup for the first two years .I am now a Home Baker and love to create bespoke cake art. Each day, I strive to strike a balance between parenting and pursuing my passion. These are the chronicles of my experiences with Motherhood and life.” – Sonam Choudhary

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The New Mom’s Dilemma – Stay at home or Return to Work

Riddhi Bhalla @mom_nipresent

Mumbai-based finance manager Riddhi Bhalla is a mother to a lovely two-year-old daughter Inaya. Her passions include writing, which she uses to share honest parenting truths and convey solidarity to other moms. She loves to travel with her husband and daughter in her free time or cozy up with her favorite book.

When not in front of computer I loves to spend time with her daughter & husband, travel with them ,or immerse myself in a book.”- Riddhi Bhalla

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Never Say Never Mind- Not Ignoring Whats Going In Your Mind As A New Mother

Monica Jain @experimentalmomsi

Engineer cum motherhood and lifestyle blogger Monica Jain is mom to her lovely daughter Pehel. She maintains she has cherished every moment of seeing her daughter grow up and believes that she is the best gift that she has received from the Almighty.

“Started off from struggling being a new mom..from breastfeeding to weaning to every little step baby took i was with her all the time.. loved to see every moment of her growing.. now this doll is all grown up and talking .. now she is my best friend and companion for life.. motherhood is indeed the best gift I have received from God.” -Monica Jain

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These womens have been helping new mothers in every step of their journey by sharing helpful information, mainly derived from personal experiences. More and more mothers today are networking, collaborating with various brands, and making optimal use of social media platforms to make their voices spread far and wide and making a difference to the lives of as many budding mothers as they can.

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