5 Effective Home Remedies for Cold/Flu in Kids

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Amid the current global pandemic, we all have become growingly concerned for our and our family’s health. This concern elevates if there are children in your household. Did you know that children, on average, tend to get about 5-7 colds per year? But don’t worry, this is only because their young immune systems haven’t completely developed and so aren’t strong enough to fight off colds. A big part of the reason is that they spend a lot of time at school or in daycare centers, where they’re in close contact with other kids most of the day. Parents are their children’s biggest well-wishers, and as one, all you may want is their good health and happiness. It tends to take a toll on us if our precious children are down with the flu or running a fever. It becomes our first priority to do everything in order for them to get healthy and lively again. So, as your child’s immune system battles with viral infections, read on to find out some of the best home remedies to cure the flu or cold of your precious little one.

1. Some Rest is the Best

For a sound mind and a sound body, rest is essential. Battling an illness drains a lot of your child’s energy, so promote rest and sleep to help them recover quickly. If they are under the weather, do not send them to school or daycare, and help them get lots of sleep as it is restorative and beneficial to the health. If they refuse to sleep, then try to limit their activity and keep them in bed by engaging with them, reading them a book, or watching a movie with them. A well-rested child makes a speedy way to recovery.

2. Increase Their Fluid Intake

A sore throat during the illness can be painful and make one utterly miserable. Drinking fluids constantly lubricates the throat and can help ease the pain. Not to mention, we lose a lot of essential fluids from fever, diarrhea, sweating, and vomiting, and regular fluid intake will replenish those liquids and make your baby more energized. Hydration is also important as it helps to loosen up the mucus inside the nose, thus making nose-blowing an easier and more productive task. Some good choices to give to your child are water, carrot juice, warm tea or soup, applesauce, and let’s not forget kid’s favorite, frozen popsicles!

3. Honey will help

There are several studies that back up the fact that having a spoonful of honey half an hour prior to your bedtime aids in getting a good and peaceful night’s sleep. It is generally regarded that due to its natural antimicrobial properties that fight off viruses and bacteria, honey is a much safer and effective option than antibiotic syrups to tackle down coughs. So, stir a teaspoon (15 mL) of honey in a glass of warm water and give it o your child. You can also add some lemon or ginger juice to it, just to add a tad bit of flavor. However, remember that this is not the best option for kids aged under one year, as it increases the risk of botulism. So, don’t use honey for children younger than a year.

4. Use Humidifiers

Another way to effectively treat a sore or irritated throat is by using humidifiers. It will moisten the liquid that is making your child’s nose runny, thus making it a lot easier for him/her to breathe. Put a cool-mist humidifier or vaporizer in your children’s room to clear their nasal and chest congestion. It’s important to dry the humidifier each day; otherwise, bacteria and mold will grow inside it, which can consequently make your kid sicker.

5. Saline Drops and Sprays

To relieve congestion, you can also use homemade nasal drops and sprays, as they make mucous easier to blow. It should be noted that medicated nasal sprays aren’t recommended for children younger than 6 years, but not to worry, you can just make your own saline drops! Start by boiling a glass of clean water. This step will eliminate any residual bacterial impurities. After that, stir half a teaspoon of salt in the water. Tada! It’s that simple. For use, tilt back your child’s head and insert a few drops in one nostril (you can use suction bulb syringes or droppers), and leave it for about 30 seconds. Even after your child fully recovers, it’s essential that you remember to follow a few precautions to avoid the illnesses in the future. As you may have heard a million times by now during the pandemic, keep washing hands! Teach your kid to sneeze into a tissue or their elbow, and not in the palm of their hands, as hands are majorly used for contact, and thus, this will prevent the spread of the virus.

The above-mentioned Home remedies for cold will help you provide your little one some much-needed relief from cold. If your child’s condition worsens, don’t hesitate to call the doctor and get some advice. And remember not to panic, the illness, like everything, shall too pass away.

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