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For a newborn, a mother always looks to wrap something safe and sound around her baby’s skin, which would give the baby a feeling of warmth and comfort, a feeling similar to always being wrapped around by her own protective yet gentle arms. In this tender context, diapers are an extremely essential piece of clothing for the baby’s healthy growth, and act as brilliant, helping hands for all mothers who want their bundles of joy to grow up in the most healthy, safe, and happy manner. They are the best friends of new parents who continuously deal with untimely poop explosions or incessant waterworks.

Diapers should be such that the baby’s sensitive skin is not affected, the fit should be pin-point, the absorbency power should be optimum, and should ensure that the child doesn’t get any rashes due to wetness. The baby should feel cleaner and drier so that it feels happy in return all the time, and his health and hygiene are not affected. To address the perennial question of cloth vs. disposable diapers, most urban parents traditionally preferred disposable diapers for convenience and dealing with the incessant pooping of their little ones. But the absorbent chemicals and gels used in such diapers can irritate the skin of some babies. Also, disposable diapers take around 500 years to decompose and, hence, are hazardous to the environment.

In light of these facts, parents are often advised by the elders to take the safe route, that is to use cloth on their babies. But traditional langot can be very messy and tedious for new parents to constantly change them. However today, more and more parents take the sensibility route with new brands in the Indian market that are helping such parents transition smoothly. One such new-age brand SuperBottoms offers the best of both. Their high-performance cloth diaper SuperBottoms UNO is made of all cloth and without any harmful chemicals provides the performance and convenience of regular diapers.

Founded by super mom Pallavi Utagi, SuperBottoms has been in the Indian market for four years and has already been recognized as India’s no.1 diaper brand, winning the prestigious KSP award three consecutive years. It is an Amazon bestseller, with over two lakh trusted and satisfied Indian customers.

There are many reasons why many parents have made SuperBottoms their primary go-to diaper brand in India.

First and foremost, the brand’s products are figuratively and literally woven by like-minded parents passionate about baby care, conscious parenting but keeping in mind the well-being of the environment. The team is a mix of people from different walks of life and society who are united by their objective of delivering a quality, cost-effective, and sustainable product.

Another essential foundation that the brand is built on is that their products do not compromise on two aspects, viz. caring about the baby’s skin and the planet at the same time. It is a way of life at SuperBottoms, and it has reaped them many rewards in terms of customer faith and sustainability.

Thirdly, what sets SuperBottoms apart is their constant ability to innovate and develop newer products. Technology like ‘SuperDryFeel,’ ensures that the baby’s bum is dry at all the time. It is a one-of-a-kind technology solution created by them in baby care and they continue to innovate in this area.

They have a varied and unique product line made from natural, breathable materials that are skin-friendly and gentle on the baby’s skin. They have combined the goodness of a ‘langot’ and convenience of a disposable diaper and given birth to their flagship product, ‘SuperBottoms UNO.’ What makes their product better than any other diaper in the market is that they use three essential elements while making the product. They include a waterproof outer to ensure no leak, organic cotton pads that are highly absorbent and provide an incredible 12 hours of dryness, and SuperDryFeel ensures that the baby’s bum is dry at all the.


UNO can be washed and reused up to 300 times. It is most cost-efficient due to its re-usability compared to any other disposable diaper and ensures 74% savings compared to the competition. Their products are designed for babies of age groups from under three months to over. Apart from their flagship product, they have a large variety of accessories like blankets, nursing pads, cloth bibs, organic clothing, cloth bags, top sheets, and size extenders, all at very affordable rates.

User can also customize their purchases and make their combinations, which are made available at cheaper rates. There are ready-to-purchase ‘starter packs’ also available to new parents seeking products and ready guidance for the first time. They have bundled these products as ‘Gifting’ options as well as inclusive of many variants. Since their offerings are unique and new, they have offered customers a free trial wherein they get a 100% refund if they don’t feel that their product is up to the mark, but this has been a rarity since they have been no.1 since the last three years, and have ensured supreme quality. Another striking feature is that once you are on their website, you will not be able to take your eyes off the most creative, innovative, and adorable designs on their diapers and their equally cute names. Pixie Dust, Paw-sitively Happy, Hunny Bummy, Good Cattitude, I’m Roarsome, etc., to name a few. They have further ensured a seal of safety by making all their products “USA Safety Certified” and have gone an extra mile in helping their customers by having an actively dedicated helpline if they have any queries or issues with the product. The brand has gained traction in the Indian diaper industry not only because of its superior quality products but also because of its honest commitment to sustainability. Their products are packaged with 0% plastic, and the company has undertaken many upcycling and recycling initiatives.

They have a Facebook community of more than 35000 parents named ‘SuperBottoms Family’ where ideas on sustainability and parenting are exchanged. It is with this mission of giving gentle care to all Indian babies, and the vision of having cleaner earth that SuperBottoms marches on in its journey, making its way into the hearts of Indian parents and on the bottoms of Indian babies!

Did You Know?

The idea of SuperBottoms came to the newly christened mother, Pallavi Utagi, when she used a disposable diaper on her child which resulted in a rash. She was not happy with that rash on her bundle of joy and decided to do something about it. Having worked at major pharma companies like Sanofi and Piramal, was also wary of the immense threat that disposable diapers pose to the environment.

A post-graduate from the prestigious Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Pallavi started her quest for making an eco-friendly diaper that strikes the right balance between the convenience of a disposable diaper and the soft touch of a cloth diaper, and this quest gave birth to SuperBottoms.

Today, SuperBottoms is helping many Indian parents give utmost care and comfort to their children while taking care of the environment. It has garnered a lot of praise and affection for a sizeable and loyal customer base and has already accomplished the No.1 position in the Indian diaper market for three years running.

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