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Being pregnant or having a newborn is a “dream come true” feeling for all new moms and moms to be! It’s natural to feel anxious and apprehensive when you are pregnant about a lot of things. But one thing that can keep your anxiety in control and keep you happy and calm is to shop for teeny tiny baby clothes and to prepare for the arrival of the little munchkin. And c’mon, let’s be honest, our inner stylists and fashionistas wake up as soon as we know that a little someone is coming whom we can style the most fashionable way possible! Most often than not it is observed that first-time moms end up buying way too many or unnecessary things that they don’t use later on. To help you through this we have put together this guide to help all the first-time mommies buy what they need to buy without going too overboard and where to buy it from! Here are the newborn clothing essentials that you need to dress up your kid in a fun yet comfortable way!

1. Swaddles

Swaddling a newborn baby is beneficial in many ways. It is a practice of wrapping the baby around a blanket or a warm cloth. It helps calm a fussy baby, getting them to sleep faster, and staying asleep longer. You should definitely have at least one.

2. Front Snap/Side Snap Onesies

  Front snap onesies are comfortable, soft, and easy to use. You don’t have to pull something off your child’s head. Just lay him down, put his hands in the sleeves, and button-up! It’s that simple and convenient! This is a must-have, and you should have at least 2 of them.

3. Bodysuits or rompers

  Rompers are just jumpsuits but for babies! It is an overall one-piece clothing that keeps your child fully covered and safe. The child is warm and comfortable if he has covered hands and legs. Zippers or snaps would be the best option to go for, as it is easy to both get them in and get them out of it.

4. Rompers/Pants with built-in socks

Covering up your child’s feet is a necessary thing; it doesn’t matter if you have had a winter child or a summer child; you have to put something on their feet to keep them warm. But you should know that socks DON’T stay on. No matter how hard you try, they are going to fall off. So instead of hoarding socks, which you are not even going to use in the future, get pants or rompers with built-in socks and mittens. There is no way they can get them off. If the child is warm and happy, then naturally, the mama is also happy!   When you know what all to buy, the problem of ‘where’ arises! Well, mommies, we’ve got you covered! We have done the research for you, so you don’t have to. You can sit back and shop! Here are 8 local brands to shop for baby clothing. They all have quality products and a vast range of unique and cute items for your little ball of fur!

1. Sunshine baby products

Instagram handle- @sunshinebabyproducts https://www.instagram.com/sunshinebabyproducts/ Started by mompreneurs, this site is a one-stop solution for all your baby clothing needs. From innovative rompers to cute little boots, they have it all! Check out their fun, creative, and comfortable wide range of pure cotton eco-friendly products.

2. Crochet knitting hub

Instagram handle- @crochet_knitting_hub https://www.instagram.com/crochet_knitting_hub/ Are you bored of the basic cotton baby clothing? Here is a new-fangled and unique clothing idea for your munchkin. Crochets! They have all kinds of crochet and knitted clothing, according to the weather. The clothes look chic and gorgeous, and they can be customized according to whatever the mama wants!

3. Berry tree India

Instagram handle- @berrytreeindia https://www.instagram.com/berrytreeindia/ Website- https://berrytree.in/ Their main aim is to be as organic as possible and brighten the prospect of ‘Organic Cotton’ kids wear in India. Organic clothing has tons of benefits for the child as well as the environment. It has an extensive range of stylish, soft, cute, natural, and organic kids’ clothing. Also, check out the matching kid and mom’s outfits in their collection!

4. Pick sparrow

Instagram handle- @picksparrow https://www.instagram.com/picksparrow/ Website- https://picksparrow.com/ The business was started by two mamas, one dad and one grandad. They have a solid white range of baby clothing that looks both sophisticated and stylish. The clothes are made from high-quality cotton fabric with delightful embroidery and elegant lace detailing. Their products do not have any zippers, velcro, or harmful dyes. Do check out their absolutely amazing and affordable product range.

5. Sassy snuggles

Instagram handle- https://www.instagram.com/sassysnuggless/ This is the perfect stop if you want customized baby clothing. They customize everything from bibs, rompers, stockings to masks, hats, and napkin sets! You name it, and they will make the perfect piece personalized just for you and your baby.

6. Nature’s cuddle

Instagram handle- @naturescuddles https://www.instagram.com/naturescuddle/ Website- https://naturescuddle.com/ It is a pure organic cotton clothing brand. The clothes are extremely soft, breathable, and comfortable. Organic clothing is best for your little child’s delicate skin. They have all the baby must-haves and daily wears in their collection. It’s advised to go organic for your newborn.

7. Baby berry
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Instagram handle- @babyberryindia https://www.instagram.com/babyberryindia/ Remember how our grandmothers used to knit the cutest and warmest sweaters for us? Well, it wouldn’t be fair to your child if he doesn’t experience that warmth too. If you’ve had a winter child, then this is the place for you! An inclusive range of comfortable and cozy woolen clothes is available. 100% handmade woolen knits made lovingly for your sunshine. Check out their page for adorable woolen clothing!

8. Amashi Knits
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Instagram handle- @amashi_knits https://www.instagram.com/amashi_knits/ Instituted by a mother, Amashi knits provide handknitted clothing for your little one. The style and size can be customized according to your needs. Their product range is beautiful and unique. Don’t go too overboard with the shopping. You always need less than what you think you need. Rather than regretting filling up your house with baby clothes, be rational about what you absolutely require for your baby. Comfort over style, always remember this. Your child needs to be safe and comfortable in whatever he is wearing. Go for gender-neutral colors like white or gray if your child isn’t born yet. And strictly buy clothes according to the weather he is going to be born in because they grow too fast, and by the time you will get to use the clothes for another season, they won’t fit! So, be careful about that. Have fun dressing up your cuties, and don’t forget to click pictures!

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