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The recently launched brand A Fine Story, was born out of the love for handmade luxury, beauty, and all things Artisanal yet Contemporary. The brand’s style ideology is primarily a fun everyday style that is classic. It’s fun, quirky, and stylish! A Fine Story Accessories are Made in India and have a Global Appeal. Founder Mineet Singh created this brand when she realized a gap existed in the Indian Market in the resort accessories segment. Unable to find easy rustic and classic pieces, she decided to create products for the discerning Indian consumer.

“We have found a way to marry traditional skills with modern design to create fun and classic pieces that are sure to favor your wardrobe. We have been primarily working with rural artisans and mainly women, and it has been a joy creating our pieces using their traditional skill sets, inherited over generations. These skills have been combined with modern designs to create our products, and we hope this adds to each product’s story. As a brand, we wanted to press the reset button and offer the consumer the chance to make meaningful and slow and sustainable choices.” – Mineet Singh

A Fine Story accessories are easy classic pieces that fit comfortably into your wardrobe. The products do all of this while not compromising on the style quotient! They are not fast fashion but pieces you would love. A Fine Story Products are also a celebration of natural materials and fibers. The natural textures make each piece unique and one that can be cherished. This journey has also been a learning curve for Mineet in terms of the wealth of skill and talent the Indian Artisan has to showcase. We hope A Fine Story continues to unfold by adding new chapters and new possibilities in their quest to reset, rethink, and re-invent their collective style journey. and we hope you come to love using them as much as the team loved creating them for you.

Visit: https://www.afinestory.com/ to shop for some super cool pieces for your next outing.

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