Importance of Teacher

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“Though you always wrote on black with white, you brought color in my life!” Teachers build character, caliber, and mindset of individuals. They shoulder the problematic responsibility of imparting an individual’s education and play a pivotal role in molding a nation’s future. Education is the most powerful tool to bring about change and evolution, and teachers are the perpetrators of this change. Teachers play an essential role in our lives to become decent human beings and succeed in every endeavor we would undertake to earn a living and provide for the family. They are the most important citizens in the country, and what we see today in business, politics, and society is all affected directly or indirectly by the country’s teachers. Some prime examples of education imparters who have gone out of their way and helped other fellow humans learn are as under:

Vimla Kaul

This 80+-year-old superwoman has been teaching underprivileged children for the last 25 years. She and her late husband founded the school ‘Guldasta’ after a visit to Madanpur Khadar, a Delhi village. Her students are mainly children from slums and lower-middle-class strata and are taught English, Maths, and Science.

Aditya Kumar “Cycle Guruji”

Since 1995, he has taken education to India’s inaccessible areas, riding 65 km every day to teach. He carries a board on his bicycle, and whenever or wherever a student stops him, he sits and teaches. He provides free education to children living in the slums of Lucknow. Anand Kumar – The entire nation now knows Anand Kumar’s teaching antics from his Super 30 program; he has been coaching students for the IIT-JEE entrance exams. Many of his students have made it to the prestigious IITs.

Professor Sandeep Desai

This man begs on local trains in Mumbai to develop and run schools in rural Rajasthan and Maharashtra. He boards the local train and asks commuters to donate for his charitable organization – Shloka. As per him, “Donation for education is the ultimate form of charity.” Abdul Malik – This teacher swims to reach school on time by ditching a 3-hour bus ride. Instead, he opts for swimming through the dangerous river to get to school on time and impart valuable education to his students. Students are the architects of the future of a nation, and teachers are the architects who lay building blocks in these children’s minds. Without teachers, there would be no direction for any student, child, adult to conduct things or tasks in the aptest, and correct ways. Teachers are the artisans who mold the clay that is young and feeble minds and make them into a finished product. We salute all the teachers in the world and thank them for their contribution to making the world a better place.

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