Motherhood Is….

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Holding tiny little one you have known for nine months, and listening to their first breath.

It is going near them and smelling the baby scent.

It is watching them at midnight when they smile in their deep sleep.

It is making them soothe in the tough nights and listening to tons of opinions.

It is realizing from them to live fully in one particular moment and enjoy in simple joys of life.

It is feeling their warmth after hugging them after a long workday.

It is navigating through the hallway at 1 am, covered with blocks, lego, and many more.

It is an opportunity to learn something new with them and their experiences.

It is watching just now sorted toy box being emptied on the floor in one go.

It is making them understand no you can’t have mangoes in December – January month

It is consoling them over the last piece of chocolate which they themselves eat a little while ago

It is taking them out of the busy mall when they scream to the fullest that “I want that bicycle”.

Motherhood is challenging, tiring, joyful confusing

And most importantly beautiful.

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