#NoFilterNeha Dhupia, Postpartum Ordeal and Her Body Transformation Journey

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Tinsel town actress and Miss India 2002, Neha Dhupia, known for her good genes and toned figure, got married to fellow actor Angad Bedi, and their first bundle of joy came into existence in this world in November 2018. Like any new parents, Neha and Angad were over the moon with the birth of their daughter Mehr Dhupia Bedi, and like any other woman who has recently given birth, Neha went through postpartum changes of weight gain as well. But being a celebrity and a mainstream actress, she has always been in the limelight, and it meant that her weight was going to be the talk of tinsel town.

It was confirmed by her very recently in an interview with Bollywood Bubble that she had put around 25 kilos during pregnancy and talked about bodily changes that a woman undergoes during this time. She said that while she was pregnant, she always had this feeling of carrying something beautiful inside her, and when her child was born, it was a weird feeling looking at herself with all that weight. She continued stating that she was not one of those lucky categories of people who don’t put on weight during pregnancy.

She gave a lot of parenting, self-care, and food tips, completed the 5th season of her show #NoFilterNeha, and generally maintained a positive mindset, and was successfully able to reduce 21 kilos during the eight-month-long lockdown period.


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During this period, many people tried to put her down by fat-shaming her, passing judgments on her looks and body. Some even went to the extent of saying that her life and career had come to an indefinite halt. She herself felt a ‘void’ because her body was different and had doubts about ever getting back to her pre-pregnancy body. But Neha, with her fighting spirit and the, never say die attitude that she possesses, decided to firstly not get affected by what people said about her anymore and keep her calm. She didn’t let anyone’s negativity affect her in a bad way and decided to lose weight gradually. As seen in many of her Instagram videos, she did a lot of Yoga and kept herself occupied with her ever-growing daughter’s activities. Very importantly, she stressed the importance of the unconditional love and support given by her husband Angad Bedi during this challenging time and exclaimed how lucky she is to have him.

Neha’s entire postpartum ordeal is a message to all mothers that you should try and not be bogged down with this added weight post-pregnancy. It is a natural process, and whenever you start feeling low about it, you should remember the beautiful source of that added weight from not so long ago. You should kick the negative mindset, shut off unwanted people, and eventually plan to lose this weight gradually. You should seek your near and dear ones’ support and advice during this time, keep a positive mindset, and undergo your blessed journey as a mother with happiness.

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