Parenting Style- Assertive

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Mommywize collaborated with Happiness is love to get your back in explaining the optimistic parenting style called Assertive Parenting Style. The parenting style includes being empathetic and understanding. They set rules to be firm with a few things that needed to be done and they are flexible too. They care for their children, listen to them, and explain what they expect. They would find a solution to a problem together.

The assertive parenting style will help parents to refuse bad habits in a polite manner. They do not blame children for no reason, they take responsibility. They communicate in the most convincing way to nurture and make them feel lovable. One can build a strong parent-child relationship. Children will be able to take responsibility and make decisions. They can handle emotions like patience, frustration, empathy, and kindness.

One can be independent and tackle hard situations or blocks in a critical way. In the end, parents are role models to children. Children will learn to respect decisions and norms around them and reach their parents’ expectations.

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