A-dress your age – Simple guide to Age appropriate dressing

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What exactly is ‘age-appropriate clothing’? It is nothing but a misunderstood societal construct that has been enforced upon us. We are looking at this in the wrong way. No one should be telling anyone what to wear and what not to wear. Instead, we should think about how to wear it right. It doesn’t matter if you are 21 or 45, if you think you can pull off skinny jeans, then why not flaunt your beauty? As such, there are certain factors we should look out for when choosing what to wear. Let’s face it; we’re all unique, so we need to figure out what outfit makes us stand out more and not just copy what everyone else is doing. Four main factors of being well-dressed are Body-type, occasion, quality, and age. Yes, age IS a factor, but not in the way you think. Read few tips for age-appropriate clothing

1. Body Type

Body Type in Mommywize Whatever be the age, wear clothes that suit your body type. Outfits that flatter your best qualities. This is the golden rule no matter how old or young you are.

2. Occasion

Occasion in Mommywize Wearing occasion appropriate clothing will make you look more classy. Wear that aviator jacket to a night out but not to the important client meeting. When the moods of the occasion and your outfit align, then you’ve done a good job.

3. Quality

Quality in Mommywize When you have found clothes that fit your style, invest in them. Get the best of clothes and take care of them properly. Clothes are a form of investment in yourself. Figure out what you want and buy quality stuff instead of filling the wardrobe with too many not so great clothes.

4. Age

cheerful in Mommywize  Why age is relevant because with age comes sophistication and maturity. Show this in the clothes you chose to wear as well. Instead of focusing on youth-focused trends, go for a more balanced look. The aura of charm, when you wear an outfit that suits you, is magical.

These four are the basics to getting your fashion right. But this is just the beginning. There are some methods that one should be wary of when choosing the outfit.


Patterns in Mommywize It is so easy to go wrong when it comes to patterns. On top of this, there are so many options to choose from. With the right pattern, you can pull off a sophisticated look but use them lightly. A pair of pants or dresses are really nice but layering with patterns? That could go wrong pretty fast.


Nothing beats a quality necklace or bag that compliments your outfit. Accessories last for a long time. So instead of having numerous low-quality stuff, invest in proper good accessories that can be used with different outfits on different occasions. Although these are broad pointers, one of the most and arguably the only most important factors is to enjoy getting dressed. Once you come to like getting dressed up and looking your best, you will recognize these factors. What you wear is an extension of who you are. So does it really matter if you are 21 or 50? Go out looking your best self. Not to please anyone but for yourself.

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