Stylish storage solutions for Kids’ Books & Toys

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Kids not only bring joy to the household, but they are also the harbingers of toys, books, and other much-needed accessories. With this new wave of things, every new parent needs to think of ways to prioritize space to accommodate these changes. Storage takes priority as it will inevitably make your life easy because when everything is in order, you needn’t spend time looking for it. With a newborn or a little child, the order is something that is hard to come by. But with some of these creative ideas and inspirations, you can find solutions to your problems. Below are some Stylish storage solutions for Kids’ Books & Toys

1. Crate Cubicles Crate Cubicles With a lot of new items will come a lot of extra cardboard boxes or crates. Stack them up, or build them sideways, it’s up to you. Not only is cardboard naturally babyproof, but it can also hold all the stuff your child will need. Those toys can go in the bottom racks, and tiny baby clothes can go up. It is a storage mechanism as well as recycling because you needn’t throw away these trusty crates.

2. Underbellies of Benches Underbellies of Benches If you have benches or desks lying around somewhere, give it a transformation. Use colorful paint and wood (or plastic for that matter) to build in easy to reach cabinets in these for your children. Not only is it accessible, but it is also multifunctional as well.

3. Modular Shelving Modular Shelving There is a reason this type is known as investment shelving. It is classy and will last the test of time. Modular shelving is perfect for your growing children as their space requirement will only grow as the days go by. It doesn’t require much space, as well.

4. Unused Bunks Unused Bunks If you have ever invested in a bunk bed but don’t know what to do with the bottom bunk, then this is the perfect solution for you. Turn it into a secret space where your child’s personal hideout. This will serve as a storage space for their favorite items and memories and will help you manage your area with a touch of creativity.

5. Clever Hacks Clever Hacks When you have a raised platform, this is perfect for some storage hacks. Turn this bedroom into a fun space by adding an attached bar cart type structure as a table to the raised platform. By adding steps and maybe a hanging chair, you can change the room’s atmosphere too.

6. Harry Potter Style! Harry Potter Style! No, do not raise your child in the cupboard under the stairs but turn the space under the staircase into a fun storage space where children can store their favorite toys and books. This little room can be their escape zone into wonderland by using some colorful light and bright colors.

7. Windows to another World Windows to another World Merge bookcases and windows to form a fairytale style reading place. With bookcases between windows that face the outside and storage spaces underneath the windows, it’s a magical space where they can spend imagining other worlds.

8. Wicker Baskets Wicker Baskets Go back to nature with classy wicker baskets. Not only are they pleasing to the eye, but they are also nature friendly and child friendly. They can help with the arrangement of various types of toys and clothes into neat compartments.

9. Built-Ins Built-Ins Absolute lifesavers because they do not take up a lot of space and can be made anywhere in the room. Even an old fireplace that nobody uses can be converted into a neat built-in storage space that kids can access. Not only does it provide ample space for storage, but built-ins can also be structured in any way you want.

10. Spice Shelves Spice Shelves Although this is seen a lot in department stores, spice shelves are a very efficient storage method. You can hang stuff on it, keep books in it, and have toy space as well. A complete master of spacing, spice shelves don’t take up much space as well. These are only some ideas. You can draw inspiration from these and come up with more creative ways to make your life easier. Who said you couldn’t have both kids and a clean house?

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