Complete guide to maintaining your expensive Branded handbags bags

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From carrying the essentials to creating a fashion statement, good handbags are indeed a woman’s best friend. When it comes to bags carrying a branded one is seen as An epitome of confidence and an approach to life. Some of the designs are evergreen and are always in despite the changes in fashion trends. Some handbags do even pass on from one generation to another. After spending a large amount of money on a branded handbag, it is equally important to manage it properly to ensure long-lasting usage. From the storage method to removing stains and general care,  taking care of a branded handbag is nothing like taking care of any other accessories. It requires specialized care so that they prove to be an excellent investment when it lasts long. So, let’s have a look at all you should know about maintaining your expensive branded handbags

Storage Method

A branded handbag should never be left unattended among the other accessories. When not in use, keep your handbag stuffed with acid-free tissues. It will maintain the original shape of the bag. If possible, store the bag in the original box. Otherwise, any container in which the bag fits without folding or any forceful action is also equally good. If space is an issue for you,  try storing your soft t-shirts are sweaters in the bag. Then keep the bag in a box of appropriate size. It will maintain the shape of the bag while saving up space in your wardrobe. If you cannot find a box of the proper size,  put the handbag inside a big pillowcase. It will protect the bag from dust and dirt. Furthermore, avoid stacking one handbag over the other. Store handbags individually. You can even hang your handbags on hooks if you can’t keep them inside the wardrobe due to space issues. Avoiding direct sunlight during storage is also very important.

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Keeping moisture away

Avoiding moisture is also very critical while maintaining a long usage life of a branded handbag. Most of these come with a small sachet of Silica Gel. Silica Gel absorbs the excess moisture and keeps the handbags moisture-free. The presence of moisture may lead to mold growth, which is not a good sign. So,  never through the Sacha of Silica Gel when you buy a new branded handbag. Every once in a while, wipe the handbags with a soft dry cotton cloth and allow them to get air dry for about 24 hours. It will eliminate mold growth, if any.

Taking care of the interior of the handbags

If you have a habit of storing many makeup products in your handbag, it can sometimes shorten your handbag’s life. But this can be skipped, and instead of storing your makeup products in small plastic bags or on makeup pouches. It does not allow your products to roll in freely inside your handbag, not at all recommended. Avoid keeping items like click pens inside the handbag. Lipstick stain is tough to remove from the interior fabric. So store your lipsticks along with the other makeup products inside the plastic bag or the makeup pouch. Overloading your bag beyond its actual capacity is also not at all recommended.

Proper cleaning procedure

 For maintaining your expensive Branded handbags ,Cleaning of handbags requires some specific products, and using the right ones is equally important. Use leather cream or balm on a white cotton cloth. After doing this, wipe it off with a dry cotton cloth. Some specialized products for handbags are also available. Using those is always the safest option to avoid any damages.

Removing stains

The process for removing stains depends on the source. Different types of stains require different techniques for removal. In the case of food stains, cover the stain with chalk powder and allowed it to stand overnight. Why the chalk powder away with a dry cloth. In the case of water stains, blot the stain lightly with a soft tissue paper and allowed it to dry out naturally. In the case of fresh ink stains,  try using a slightly wet eraser over the stain. If it doesn’t come out immediately, seek professional help. In case you sent some peculiar odor,  store a baking soda pack inside your bag and zip it completely. Allow it to stand like that for some time.

So, these above mentioned points will help you in maintaining your expensive branded handbags.

An expensive branded handbag is like a smart investment that will stay loyal to you for a long time. But this is possible only when you take proper care of it and pamper it like a child.  When you handle it with care,  it has the potential to become a legacy that can pass on from one generation to another.
Question 1: Can I wash my handbag?

Answer: In most of the cases, no. But check the label carefully before you use any cleaning methods. Also, since most handbags can’t go to a washer, avoid any stains and dust.

Question 2: How do I know whether my handbag is authentic or not?

Answer: Most designer or branded handbags have a tag inside which bears the brand name along with a serial number. Look for that tag to ensure that the bag you’re buying is authentic and not fake. Apart from that, the tag is mostly hand-stitched or stamped to the cloth interior. Handbags need to be checked to verify authenticity. Further, some brands also include authenticity on the exterior to distinguish the original bags from the fake ones.

Question 3: For how long does a branded handbag last?

Answer: This depends on how you use the bag. Follow the cleaning instructions carefully. Always keep the tips for maintenance in mind. Try and rotate between several bags. It still prolongs the life of each bag. If you can’t afford multiple branded handbags to rotate between, take extensive care of the one you own. Please don’t keep it on the floor or any other dirty surface.

Question 4: Are branded handbag made of real animal skin?

Answer: Yes, most of the branded handbags are made of real animal skin. Some of the most famous brands like Louis Vuitton use alligator skin for their handbags. Some other exotic animals are also slaughtered for the same.

Question 5: Are branded handbags waterproof?

Answer: This depends on the brand. Check the label for the same. Some of the handbags, like those from Louis Vuitton, are both waterproof and fireproof. But in the case of any brand, check the label.

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