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These days, everything we order comes in a package. Whether we’re ordering cosmetics or food or apparel, we’re most likely to get a product in a container. A large chunk of these packages is made from plastic; the material is on this earth forever. Globally, we generate about 380 million tonnes of plastic every year, of which about 9% are recycled.

So what happens to these packages? They end up getting buried in a landfill or becomes litter, carried away by wind or water currents into our environment. Plastic packaging rarely disintegrates. The packaging that does decay does so slowly while emitting harmful chemicals from the packaging materials, such as dyes and inks, into our groundwater and soil.

Enter The Mend.

The Mend is a sustainable packaging company committed to creating less waste in the world – one package at a time. It is co-founded by Rhea Kothari, Rishika Reddy, and Prianka Jhaveri.

The Mend Packaging

When COVID hit the world in 2020, the trio took note of how devastating the upscale use of plastic and packaging around them was. Packages were piling up with nowhere to go and no proper way to discard them. The breaking point was when Prianka ordered a tiny pack of batteries and received it in a huge box.

The idea of The Mend is to support the environment by creating a sustainable packaging company option for businesses to ship their products.

We wanted to develop a way to keep the environment while also helping the people. After countless research launched some ups & downs, unwavering love for this mission, The Mend was launched in May of 2020. The Mend’s packaging is custom-made for each of our clients. We do not hold inventory to reduce waste. We work closely with waste management partners, packaging manufacturers, and vendors all across India to provide an authentic product and a seamless service to our clients.- Rhea Kothari,

Through this process, The Mend hope’s to dispel the four myths of sustainable packaging:

  1. That sustainable packaging is not as aesthetically pleasing.
  2. That it’s more expensive.
  3. That it doesn’t have the same durable properties as traditional packaging.
  4. That there’s a loss of branding opportunities with eco-friendly packaging.

The Mend Packaging company

The company’s process proves that you can get customized sustainable packaging at comparable prices and with the same durability as traditional packaging. the team works hard to introduce materials that are both good for the people and the planet. Whether it’s our eCommerce mailers made from bioplastic,  shopping bags made from newspapers, or drawstring pouches made from recycled cloth and printed with toxin-free ink, they have something for everyone. The trio works closely with clients to bring their packaging visions to life while keeping the environment in mind. And clients see an interest from their audience. 85% of millennials will stick by brands with eco-conscious values, and sustainable packaging plays a big part.

the team’s goal is to shift the conversation towards the need for sustainability, not just in our packaging but in our everyday lives. Through their platform, they try to educate the audience about the need for a more eco-conscious lifestyle. They have collaborated with leaders in the sustainability field to promote environmentally friendly ways of life in a way that’s both fun and educational.

At The Mend, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Whether for your brand or your life, we’ll be by your side, conquering the world of sustainability together. Let’s work together to unbox a greener future for ourselves and the planet! – Prianka Jhaveri

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