Best 5 Home-Based DIY Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained Amid COVID-19

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It goes without saying that parents are overwhelmed at present, as they are attempting to keep their kids away from the problems arising owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, alongside dealing with their own pressure and obligations. However, the children are enduring the most, being compelled to sit inactive at home, without play and friends. We all know how unimaginably significant play is to kids, particularly in the midst of a crisis. Games help them evolve both mentally and physically. Isn’t that so? But a large amount of what’s currently happening around is out of everyone’s control. So, giving your kids a tad of that control back can help them have a sense of security amid this tense situation. Listed below are some fun-filled Home Based DIY activities to help keep your children drawn in and occupied to answer this issue. These great exercises for kids are simple DIYs and should, for the most part, be possible with ordinary things that you have around the house. Another best part is that none of these require any electronic gadget or an application, so you don’t need to stress over a lot of screen time. So, let’s kickstart the recreation time in 3, 2, and 1.

1. Ice-cream parlor at home

Who wouldn’t crave a scoop of ice-cream in the summers? So, let’s open a parlor at home then.

Here’s what all you would need:  1 cup maida, 1/fourth cup salt, Color inks (or pastel colors), 2 tablespoons oil (ideally infant oil), Warm water (to knead the dough).

Method: First of all, precisely mix the color inks in the warm water. Then, blend the dry ingredients with the oil and slowly pour in the colored warm water. Knead the dough as usual till you get a glossy shine and texture, similar to the real ice-cream. Garnish the ice-cream with any readily available item at home. This activity will give the toddlers some cookery tips alongside making them handle real money carefully (while buying and selling these ice-creams).

Tips for Healthy Snacks for Kids

Make your kids have some fun with food; healthy eating need not be boring: Use healthy alternatives like olive oil to sauté and fry. Switch to whole grain for dishes such as multigrain pizza, millet cakes, or ragi dosa. Add seasonal fruits in sweet treats such as mango muffins, whole wheat pancakes with cherries, or make a delicious crumble. Substitute cheese and mayonnaise with homemade spreads like hung-curd and hummus.

2. Sensory bags

Sensory toys are a great deal to keep your little munchkin occupied to something productive. Plus, such toys aid in their mental development too. So, let’s create some cool DIY sensory toys at home.

What will you need? Some zip-lock bags, Clay, colored rice, water, oil, inks, etc.

Method: Take one zip-lock bag, stuff it with the colored rice, and seal it so that it doesn’t spill out. Similarly, put in other items in the remaining bags, and it’s done. Now, hand these bags to your kids so they can feel & observe different textures through them. Also, the rainbow colors will expose them to different colors.

3. Separating out the fruits and vegetables

Is your grocery shopping done? Are you ready to separate the fruits and vegetables? Wait, let your kids undertake this task.

What will you need? Different fruits and vegetables jumbled up, 2 small baskets. Activity Position the two baskets on either side of your kid with the shopping bag consisting of the fruits and vegetables right in front. Then, ask him to pick the fruits, keep them in their dedicated basket, and follow the same vegetables. This activity will teach them about different fruits & vegetables and their textures (they might even crunch some in this process).

4. Number recognition

Teaching kids some maths through some fun-filled games is what every parent likes the most. Right? So, try this number recognition activity with your champ and build his base for the future.

Material required: One white sheet of paper, Some colorful sheets, Marker, Glue.

Method: On the white sheet, draw a caterpillar with its body stretching to a length to which you want your kid to recognize the numbers. For example, 5, 10, 15, etc., and pen the numbers with the marker. Now, cut out the numbers from the colored sheets in the shape of your caterpillar’s body (here, it’s circular). Now, let your kid glue the numbers in their correct place and enjoy learning with unlimited fun.

5. DIY Jellyfish

This DIY jellyfish activity is a great pill to kill the boredom of your kids who are sitting inactive at home owing to this pandemic and teach something about the animals (like jellyfish in our case).

Material required: Some paper plates, Water/pastel colors, Colorful yarn balls.

Method: First of all, paint the paper plates with vibrant pastel/watercolors and make a small hole in the center. After that, cut out equal-length strands from the yarn balls for the body of the jellyfish. Then, tie the strands from the plates’ tiny hole to a common thread to hang the jellyfish at home. It’s done!

Conclusion At last, I would like to advise you that being at home doesn’t mean away from the fun play. Any kind of play (be it at home or the playground) is genuinely restorative for the toddlers. Participating in these overly cool fun exercises may discover some pressure-releasing help during these unsure situations.

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