10 Life lesson that Every Mom should Teach their Kids

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Ah! the joy of raising your very own flesh and blood! It is a feeling unparalleled to any other feeling experienced by a mother! Right from listening to a heartbeat in the womb for nine months to listening to the first cry in the hospital room, the blissful everyday activity of providing nourishment, watching their tiny limbs grow, the dirty diapers and there unbearable smell, the crying, the sleepless nights, all becomes bearable over time. Yes, this journey of witnessing the offspring developing into an adult is truly one of the most fulfilling life journeys for a mother! We understand that molding a child’s mind and heart can be an anxiously daunting task and can give you sleepless nights! We understand this fear, anxiety, and are here to guide you on this path of weaving your child’s character, starting with ten non-negotiable life lessons that you should teach your kid since an early age:

1. Decision Making

There are many important decisions that all adults need to take in their daily personal and professional lives and eventually experience the benefits of a good decision and consequences of a bad one.  Getting into the habit and evaluating the pros and cons, and taking an informed decision since childhood will shape your kid to become a more stable and can ease past the uncertainties in life!

2. Health & Hygiene

This is a must-have, teaching the benefits of health and hygiene to your kid and getting them into the habit of basic hygiene skills like washing hands, brushing twice a day, always wearing clean clothes and shoes will go a long way in ensuring their well-being. This has to be coupled with developing healthy habits that are subtle and not forced upon.

It is a known psychological fact that the development of one’s personality is largely based on the subtle lessons learned either by cognitive or cognitive means. Most of this learning comes from the mother! All mothers are the sculptors of their child’s destiny purely because of the special connection that they share with their children, that umbilical cord is never actually severed—feeling the pressure mommy dearest?

3. Basic Self Defense

This one is highly recommended;  self-defense should be mandatory in the school’s P.E. curriculum; however, if not, make sure your kid learns necessary self-defense skills to protect him from any unpleasant situations and inculcate a feeling of independence and confidence.

4. Self-Reliance

Slowly, but surely, a transition from doing things for your kids to teaching them to do it by themselves. Your kid might end up living separately for educational or professional purposes, and this DIY life hack from childhood would help them a lot.

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5. Planning

This can be a very useful skill to possess since an early age, as various aspects of life require meticulous planning. Teaching your young one to plan things and events will make him/her think at all life activities from a holistic perspective.

6. Interpersonal

Your kid will be interacting with people in almost every milestone of life – education, career, socially, etc. and teamwork will be of essence every time. You should encourage children to team up and work and interact with others from an early age to develop some useful interpersonal skills that will help him in every walk of life.

7. Hard work & Discipline

An early habit of feeling to do what it takes to achieve something and then actually achieving it through hard work and discipline can work wonders for your kid, and he/she would surely look at replicating it in all walks of life.

8. Money Management

Children should be taught the importance of savings and ‘spending money wisely’ from an early age. Comparison of prices, simple banking terms can be conducted at an early age so that your kids can always save up for an emergency and not use your credit cards for fun!

9. Saying ‘No’ Politely

Many adults still struggle with saying no to things; for kids, it is important to be open to new experiences, but saying a firm ‘no’ is also as important. Mothers must teach their kids an early lesson in consent about when it’s appropriate to set boundaries and say “no.”

10. Positive Outlook

Life, as we know it, is a roller-coaster ride filled with good and bad experiences. A mother should always impress upon a child to focus on the positive side of things and to derive joy from small things in life. This positivity mindset will always protect your child from any untoward situation in life and shield it from any pain and suffering.

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