Top 6 Kids Furniture Brands In India

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Kids share a superior bonding with their belongings that leaves everlasting memories full of innocent pleasure and fun. One of these memories resides with their furnishings. Yes, you heard that right. It’s a well-known fact that an early transition from a crib to a bed can have a meaningful effect on your kid’s behavior, and that’s why, nowadays, parents are putting special emphasis on their child’s furniture from an early age. Owing to this, the market for kids’ furniture brand has risen to an immense level with the evolution of several brands dealing in a wide spectrum of kid’s beds, study tables, seatings, dressers, etc. Now, which one to try still remains one of the unanswered questions? However, before you jump into where to source the things from there are a few key points you need to keep in mind while picking any furniture for your kid.

1. The furniture must be made of environment-friendly and natural materials.
2. Make sure that only non-toxic and lead-free paint is used.
3. There are no sharp and rough edges on the furniture, which can otherwise lead to injuries.
4. If possible, try some lightweight furniture first.
5. Last but not least, go for only highly durable products.

To help you out of this, we have come up with this exclusive piece on top six kid’s furniture brands available in India that you can trust and try.

1. Alex Daisy
Alex Daisy

Alex Daisy is a well-known name in the kid’s furniture brand sector with expertise in all sorts of furniture like beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs, etc. Keeping in mind the kid’s safety, the brand makes the use of the safest materials, be it adhesives, hardware, wood, etc.

At Alex Daisy, you have the freedom to style your kid’s room that will be inviting and playful so that he feels excited about being there. All their articles are crafted from highly durable, termite-free, and E-1 grade engineered wood promising a long relationship with your Lil champ.

2. Magical Nest
magical test

Magical Nest has now become a household name when it comes to lightweight, durable, and prudent kid’s furniture brand. If you’re looking for a classy yet elegant look for your kid’s room, Magical Nest can have that sorted through its exclusive collection comprising a wide spectrum of beds, study tables, wooden wall climbers, etc.

They offer custom kids centric room designs alongside helping you with the individual pieces of elegant furniture or other items to tone up your kids’ rooms, such as just the bed, or just the wardrobe, or just the kids’ furnishings. For the kid’s safety, they use only natural green plywood with lead-free paint to make each piece of furniture a souvenir from heaven.

So, if you’re planning to completely revamp your child’s room, from furniture to decor, and willing to bring in lots of fun, inspiration, and style together, Magical Nest is there for you.

3. WoodenStreet
wooden street

From endless furniture & fabric tones to the wood of your choice, there’s always room for something more in your kid’s life. WoodenStreet furniture experts have years of excellence in transforming your furniture idea(s) into something truly unique and inspirational.

Be it unique beds, study tables, stylish wardrobes, or classy cribs, and you will find everything at affordable rates at WoodenStreet.

Regarding the material, they utilize high-grade termite-free wood that stands for robustness and durability along with stainless steel brackets for zero rusting and 100% satisfaction. Their tagline, if you can imagine it, we can make it fits very well with their plethora of custom designs.

4. Kids Furniture World

kids furniture world

Kids Furniture World is a perfect place for designer ready-made and custom furniture made particularly to suit the modern kids. Remembering India’s quickly changing interior decor requests, the brand offers an assortment that satisfies kids as well as their guardians.

At KFW, you’ll probably discover the most energizing, slick, and safe furniture uniquely crafted from high and low-density fiber, pinewood, rubberwood, commercial plywood, etc. With curved corners and scratchless top coating, rest assured of any sort of injuries from their articles.
Some popular items from their range include trundle beds, bunk beds, wardrobe, car beds, etc.

5. Spaces by Sonam
spaces by sanam

Spaces by Sonam is a one-stop-shop where you’ll discover all that to add more shades and life to your kid’s room. Be it tables, beds, closets, study tables, and chairs, get all these here at true prices. They additionally offer customization to turn your kid’s imagination into reality. What’s more, they also deal with wall arts, lighting apparatuses, and wallpapers to give your youngster’s room a cutting edge.

They utilize top-notch, termite resistant wood for all furnishings and give them a touch of matte finish for that eye-popping sparkling touch.
At Spaces by Sonam, there is no need to stress over uneven surfaces and sharp edges as they pursue the American and European safety standards that make the brand an ideal pick for your kid’s dream room.
So, giving Spaces by Sonam a chance to serve you will definitely be more than worth.

6. Boingg!

Boeing! Boeing! Boeing!

Boingg!, a Gurgaon-based startup, is well-known for its unique range of study tables, nursery fittings, tables, beds, etc. Through this startup, the founders’ key goal is to help parents give their kids a livable space with elegant, colorful, and comfortable furnishings.

Owing to their in-house manufacturing unit, you have the freedom to change/adjust the color as per your kid’s liking as well as add more storage space(s). Keeping in mind the kid’s safety, the edges and corners of every article are kept rounded. Every product is then decorated with only a small quantity of non-toxic and lead-free paint. In the case of soft furniture, the upholstery is done with 100-percent soft cotton fabric.

As most parents and kids desire custom designing, Boingg’s custom made-on-order furniture is what you can look up to. Through their team of skilled craftsmen and in-house factory, rest assured of your kid residing in his own special space.

As soon as kids start exploring the things around them, it becomes important to make their surroundings more colorful and fun-filled. And guess what, one of the best ways of doing so is by furnishing their little space. So, let’s turn your child’s fantasy room into a reality through some classy yet elegant furniture.

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