Best Wicker Decor Ideas to give your Home a Natural and a Calm feel

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So you’re into your home renovation mood and are perplexed about what to embark on this time? What about something natural that will lend your home a global feel and a calm undertone? Let’s find out some Best Wicker Decor Ideas to give your Home a Natural and a Calm feel!! Of late, consumers are leaning towards natural decor stuff as there is a major shift to sustainable living in many households There are natural innate materials that can form the basis for your major household pieces like closets, chairs, tables, walls, etc. Or you can incorporate some part of these materials to modify smaller elements of the house like shatters, rugs, lamps, and much more. Some widely adopted natural materials include rattan, cane, willow, bamboo, and seagrass and the technique utilized to entwine these materials into the household decor commodities & furniture is called Wicker. Wicker is a weaving technique and not any material!! Sounds interesting, right? If it is, then here’s are some very interesting ideas on how this technique can be incorporated into your home decor.

1. Wicker Wardrobes

A wicker closet is primarily a cool addition to your bedroom that can deliver both elegance and calmness. The above wardrobe consists of panels crafted from rattan (cane can also be utilized) with a white finish. Here, the stuff used is oak and plywood as these are durable, robust, and water & dust-resistant. What makes this ratten-paneled wardrobe my best bet is its ability to blend seamlessly with any interior and room space. If not white finish, what’s your verdict on the brown finish below?

2. Refresh your living area with Rattan Furniture

Out of all wicker materials like rattan, cane, or willow, rattan is everyone’s first pick for furniture pieces like sofas, chairs, accent tables, or screens as it’s hard, versatile, and eco-friendly. Its inviting and casual feel is the key for living spaces where solace is the sole desire of yours. In order to up the coziness, you can accessorize the furniture with soft throw pillows or lay a rattan rug underfoot.

3. What about the Wicker Ceilings?

  Yes, ceilings made from wicker are trendy these days, and that’s why you shouldn’t miss this! You either add a full-length wicker ceiling, a ceiling with wood trims or paint, etc. Here, your creative mind should come into play. Wicker ceilings are appropriate for both hot and cold climates as they’ll keep the temperature inside opposite to that of the outside. Plus, if properly set, rest assured of no leakage too.

4. Use wicker to energize Neutral spaces with Ceiling Chairs.

For smaller and neutral spaces, rattan and cane ceiling chairs are a great option to invigorate the entire space with grace and gratification. Uniquely woven material lends textural contrast that makes these ceiling chairs stand out in the spaces dominated by other tones. For more refinement, search for chairs with distinct contours. Both curved and straight edges can be thought of for both indoors and outdoors.

5. Mixed seating in the Dining Area

For integrating the dining room with wicker elements, you do have an ample number of options to choose from. However, one idea that ranks better is mixing wicker chairs with the dining chairs, as displayed in the above figure. Traditionally designed armchairs with wickerwork can very well complement the general chairs. Whether it’s any formal dining set or an upholstered banquette, wicker can be blended with almost everything!

6. Wicker Planters

You may think of using an oversized wicker basket merely for storing purposes; however, it can serve another purpose. Simply pop out the plant from its pot and set it inside this wicker basket. Now, place this wicker plant anywhere you wish the plant to dissipate positive vibes and serenity. Other modifications you can try out include baskets of varied sizes, materials, and weave patterns.

7. Wicker Accent Tables

It’s the right time to move from the standard accent tables and opt for wicker accent tables in the common room. As visible in the above figure, the airy outline of these wicker accent tables will create a delusion of both light and space amidst your heavily packed room. Furthermore, besides the common room, these chairs can be set up in other rooms too! So, could there be a more palliative perch for placing your laptop or coffee mug on a lazy Sunday afternoon? I forgot, there can be multiple shapes and sizes these accent tables can be crafted into.

8. Wicker rug to anchor the Rooms

  A woven rug is the most contemporary way to sport wicker in your home. Be it your dining area, living room, or bedroom, and rugs can suit every everywhere. You can use the wicker rug either at the base of the room alone or layer it up with your favorite animal hide for superfluous intrigue. However, make sure to keep water away from wicker rugs.

9. What’s your take on the bar stool seating in the Kitchen?

Another cool and expressive wicker furniture is these bar stools. With these bar stools, you can transform your kitchen arena into a vacation-ready cocktail pub. As modifications, either design the entire stool as one wicker piece or stools with adjustable or non-adjustable metallic legs will go as well.

10. Wicker Pendant Lights

    Hanging pendant lights in perfectly woven fibers of rattan or cane is both practical and stylish for your living space or kitchen island. It’s proven in anchoring the coziness of the space it’s been hanged and worth considering. You can either choose both sides closed lights or one side closed and one side open design as shown in the above figure.

 11. Wicker mirrors

  If you’re bored of the usual round mirrors with metallic finish and edges, what do you feel about the above wicker finish hanging or non-hanging mirrors? Coming in an assortment of shapes and sizes, wicker mirrors are the best option for bedrooms, kitchen, restrooms, etc. Wicker household accessories and furniture pieces can lend a complete turnaround to your home. They are known to be your ideal companion during spring and summer. As we are slowly touching on spring, there’s nothing better than reclining in a wicker rocker outside. So, what’s your dearest wicker accessory or furniture you’d think about right away?

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