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Growing your fruits and vegetables is slowly but surely becoming an essential healthy activity and is on its way to becoming a healthy norm. It gained a lot of momentum during this pandemic period. We see many people nowadays not only squeezing time in their busy daily schedules for performing this activity, but they are also squeezing spaces within their own homes to plant seedlings for a bountiful harvest. Keeping these benefits in mind and also the fact that in India, it is virtually impossible to trace the produce and the many layers of harming fertilizers and similar products that it goes through, Akrit Soin also started planting his vegetables. This experience leads him to stumble upon Microgreens. With this discovery, he started going through published research on them, gained valuable insight from some reputed labs and universities, and concluded that these Microgreens had the potential to become a primary dish themselves. They cannot merely be used for decorating some Michelin starred restaurant dishes; they could eventually become a household norm. With this ideology, Atomic Greens came into this world, an urban farm dedicated to promoting Microgreens in every way possible through thorough research. It also provides a platform for other new growers and gives them some essential tips on growing microgreens. It also equips them with useful accessories and necessary knowledge related to the growth of microgreens.

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Those of you still wonder what these microgreens are; they are shoots and seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs. They are hugely popular in today’s world and are a part of contemporary dishes, and readily available in cafes and restaurants. But a little-known astonishing fact is that microgreens have been used in dishes by many chefs since the ‘80s. They are packed with nutrients, rich flavor, and an aesthetic visual on the eating plate. They come in many varieties like Sunflower Shoot, Arugula, Beetroot, Kale, Basil, the number has grown to over twenty-five types now.



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Akrit Soin realized this value of Microgreens early and forayed into the e-com space with Atomic Greens and made them available to purchase the general public. Today on, one can not only find the primary product in Microgreens varying in types such as beetroot, popcorn, pak choi, arugula, etc., but they come with a complete kit for beginners which consists of a reusable tray. Organic soil, and complete set of instructions. There are other products up for grabs that are complementary to the microgreens, such as guides for beginners, organic potting mix, watering tray sets, microgreen sheets, etc.

Our journey began by trying to eat healthy. Living in India it is difficult to trace your produce through its tortuous journey to your homes. We began by growing vegetables and that experience lead us to discover Microgreens! With published research from well reputed labs and universities, we knew there is potential for Microgreens to become a household norm. They cannot simply remain a glorified garnish, but need to be encouraged as part of everybody’s daily diet. So we created Atomic Greens, an urban farm in the heart of the capital that conducts research, and provides all the growing accessories and knowledge to empower new growers with this useful skill and wholesome habit! – Akrit Soin

Microgreens are easy to grow and high in nutritional value, and Atomic Greens is making sure that they are within touching distance of those who are interested in them. It is only a matter of time that these greens gain some much-needed importance and awareness, and one day we will see them as the hero of a famous dish with their dedicated sections on the menu-cards at restaurants! So what are you waiting for? Check now and get microgreens seeds, trays, kits, and more to start your Urban Farm for a better healthy, nutrient-rich diet. Now don’t think twice, simply get growing!

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