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Why are the European markets so attractive? Why is ‘a shopping spree in Paris’ in the bucket list for many of us? Well, the outlet malls in many of the  European markets offer quality merchandise without burning a hole in one’s pocket. But what about the travel expenses, though? What if we say that you can have access to the same designer merchandise in India. That’s right! Thanks to Warehouse By Mudita.

Warehouse helps all leading designers liquidate excess inventory at excellent prices and hence, provides it’s customers with quality merchandise at relatively lower prices. In fact, according to Mudita, their USP has always been to have great merchandise at the coolest prices. The warehouse has always been result-oriented. They adopted this approach in the beginning, but they’ve stuck by it throughout the years. The plans for 2020 were grand. They launched the EOSS for EMPORIO in January and were enlisted by DLF for all their properties for promotions. They even had plans to go international. The calendar was blocked till July, and Mudita’s dream exhibitions were planned until October!! But then, COVID-19 came like a hurling rock. But this did not stop Warehouse from paving its way towards a new adventure! Warehouse pivoted to the online space in record time as www.warehousebymudita.com, which is an achievement in itself. Its been quite a journey from being a complete brick and mortar organization to shifting to the modern ‘tech-driven marketplace’. They do online pop-ups with prominent designers every 2- 3 weeks wherein the website is live for 48hours only, and designers sell inventory. Here’s a small story on how Warehouse has continued to shine after coming to life in 2015 in Mudita’s own words.

Warehouse By Mudita- A fruit of Hard Work “ Warehouse came into being after my trips to Europe. And regarding foundation – it was hard word, hard work, and hard work. We had a GREAT run for 4 years. We expanded from a small space in Okhla to The Grand Vasant Kunj to then going Pan India in 2019. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Hyderabad. The designers were happy, so were we. We were doing exhibitions where the target customer was getting the target product.

Over a span of 5 years of Warehouse and 15 years of being in the industry, we have been working with the same people, the same brands. This shows the belief system and the loyalty that Warehouse offers. It’s trust and relationships VS Money. At present, we are all in uncharted waters. No matter what one says, we as entrepreneurs are taking each day, one day at a time. The goes to say currently is a time for introspection and analysis. Also, the future is digital, which is why we are replicating the Warehouse Experience online.

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