Work from HILL: The Redefined WFH!

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The menace of coronavirus has changed the way we live and work. There were times when we used to come home and be happy and content to see our bed, but due to these uncertain times, our beds have become our desks for work! I’m sure it was nice for a while, but now we are all just bored and tired. For a prolonged time, WFH meant Work from Home for most of us. But not anymore! The tourism industry was the most hit because of the global pandemic, and it will probably be the last to recover. To restore the tourism and economic stability, several state governments decided to lift the stringent rules and regulations and opened the states for tourism again. States like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, and Rajasthan are offering pocket-friendly packages for you to have an experience of your lifetime, which is safe, sanitized, and equipped with high-speed internet! Tired of being a couch potato all the time, the bored and the frustrated youngsters and corporate professionals saw this as a terrific opportunity and packed their bags and the laptop, to set out on a journey to the mountains, away from the boring and monotonous work life! Working from your living room for 8 hours a day can be annoying and frustrating, and for better mental peace and to soothe their nerves, many corporate workers decided to escape from their homes to travel to the hills to shift their workplace in an ongoing pandemic. You cannot possibly come up with new and creative ideas by just sitting in front of your laptops. Exploring new things, meeting new people, learning about different stories from all around the world(all this while maintaining social distancing obviously) is what makes a person innovative. Change is essential to find your peace of mind amidst all the chaos. The mountains, coupled with birds chirping, strong and cool winds, drizzle, a hot cup of chai, magnificent view, clean air, aimless walks, new and fresh thoughts, gives an indescribable feeling; you feel so close to paradise. Read More

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