5 Commandments to Effective Parenting

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While it is easy to become parents, the entire journey of parenthood is not easy. Parenthood is a beautiful journey of mixed and, yes, sometimes extreme emotions. We all want the best for our children and are always in the quest to accomplish that – the answer is effective parenting.

So, let us start by defining what effective parenting is. Effective parenting can be defined as the act of fulfilling the responsibilities of raising and nurturing children in a manner that makes a child well prepared to realize their full potential as a human being. In addition, effective parenting also refers to a style of parenting that increases a child’s odds of becoming the most accomplished adult they could be. In the parenting world, effective parenting is also known as productive parenting as it enables the child to grow into an intellectually and morally successful adult.

Skills of Effective Parenting

Practical parenting skills are the general rules applicable to any parent looking at raising a sensitive and productive child who will ultimately become a responsible adult. How can one practice effective parenting? Read on

No parent is perfect; here we are sharing five commandments to effective parenting:

  1. Adapt your parenting style to your child’s needs- As the child grows and develops, so does his behavior, outlook, perspective. Change yourself with the child. What works today might not work after a year.
  2. Spend quality time with kids- A play date, eating together, shopping, watching a movie, reading a book -you can pick any of these and spend some time with your kid to bond with them. Make beautiful memories with your kid.
  3. Communication is the key- As a parent, you really can’t expect your kid to follow whatever you say just because you are a parent. Kids also have the right to question the reason behind their decision. So be open and don’t hesitate to share an explanation for your set rules and regulations. Always keep a scope of negotiation.
  4. Role model – Be aware a mini version of you is constantly watching you, not just watching you but imitating precisely what you do. So be watchful of not just your actions but your words too. Display traits of gratitude, love, honesty, respect, care, amity in your actions and words. “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” – Peggy O’Mara.
  5. Always be there- Just always be there for your kids. Responsive parenting leads to healthy kids (mentally and emotionally). Show them that your love is unconditional. Do your best as a parent- trust your inner voice and instincts. Keep making lovely memories with your kid. . “There is no such thing as a perfect parent. So be a real one. “– Sue Atkins

The Final Word

When parents utilize a heart-based approach, they take on the role of a coach or counselor with their kids. They are firm, maybe a bit stern at times. Still, they also use various parenting approaches, including love, trust, and understanding.

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