What are the different styles of parenting and how does it impact the Child?

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Parenting is about building healthy bonds with kids, understanding them, and teach while learning from them. Mommywize partnered with Happiness is Love to bring you an idea about parenting styles we come across. Watch the full video to understand the difference and how you can make minor changes in your approach to see a significant change in your child’s behavior. Parenting styles are classified into four types by researchers.

● Permissive parenting style is the opposite of being strict, they tend to be friends more than being parents and don’t expect much from children. They let children learn from making decisions.

● Aggressive style of parenting includes unexplained rules and one-way communication i.e. from parent to child. They are not flexible and tend to expect much from children. Children tend to become stubborn or fearless in this case as they do not have so much freedom.

● Passive Aggressive Behaviour of parenting includes very little communication with hard expectations. They don’t have a particular style of approach, they tend to be anger at times and let children do whatever they want to.

● Last but not least and the positive style of parenting that every parent must try to practice is Assertive parenting. This helps a parent to be flexible and rigid at the same time. They understand their children with empathy and be clear about rules and expectations.

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