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Mridula Khanna Arora

I am Mridula, have a beautiful daughter- Zeeva (23 months old). πŸŽ€ I'm an Artist Manager. Worked in Human Resources for almost 8 years with MNCs- @bankofamerica @fis_global, I always wanted to be in HR. They definitely have some SWAG πŸŽ€ I just can't stand people who are Pretentious, Fake, Hypocrites πŸŽ€ I love to go on Adventure trips, rides Hiking, Zip lines, Running. I can sweat it out! πŸŽ€ I strongly believe in Karma. πŸŽ€ There was a time when I used to write poems, thing of the past now πŸŽ€ I have always been very punctual throughout my life, have been praised, awarded for it, but MOTHERHOOD changed it all I'm the "New Late Comer" Fun fact- I'm adventurous but hate wearing "Sports shoes", I can run a marathon or hike in my "HEELS" .