Skin Care Tips For Children: Here’s The Ultimate Guide For Healthy and Glowing Skin

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There’s a saying that says, “First we make our habits, then our habits make us.” This would be the philosophy of every parent who wants their child to adopt a good lifestyle, including a healthy skincare routine. Skin is the most sensitive organ of the body, and when it comes to children they have a more delicate and thinner layer of the skin than adults, which makes it more prone to rashes. Usually, parents find skincare regimes a little overwhelming because a child’s skin is sensitive, and they feel that using products on their skin might cause irritation. Well, in that case, here are some easy skin care tips for children that you can rely on. Follow these for your child’s healthy-looking skin.

1) Use Mild Cleansers­

Mild cleansers, which are chemical and synthetic-free works quite well; it removes excess dirt and oil from the skin. In contrast, soaps containing perfumes and dyes can lead to irritation and breakouts. Choose the cleanser according to your kid’s skin type, and be very particular about the brand you are choosing; make sure to read the product label or consult a dermatologist before buying the product. Cleansers like MamaEarth and Cetaphil are great options to consider for sensitive skin.

2) Moisturizers

A Big Yes -­ Moisturisers are as crucial for the kids as they are for the adults. Parents usually skip this step from the child’s skincare regime, thinking it might not be that important, but moisturizers keep the skin hydrated and prevent dryness. Applying it to your child’s face and body immediately after a shower will help to secure the moisture. Use moisturizers that are skin-friendly and derma recommended.

3) Apply Sunscreen­

Sunscreens are also an essential part of a child’s skincare routine. Sunscreen should be applied in the right quantity and should be free of irritants as their skin is too delicate. Use sunscreens with SPF­30 that would protect your child’s skin from harmful UV rays and sunburns. Repeated exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer in their late years. Also, try to keep your child indoors during the day’s peak hours and cover them with proper clothing.

Tips on shopping for your kids

Choice of fabric: Comfort is important Choose simpler clothes Choose season-specific clothing while purchasing clothes for your kids. Be size-specific: Use the size charts to purchase clothes that fit your kid exactly. Buy easy to wear clothes Avoid over-shopping


4) Keep Your Child Hydrated­

You might have heard this million times because this is the best tip you would ever know. The secret to healthy and glowing skin is drinking an adequate amount of water. It is better to start this at an early age. Make your child drink plenty of water as it helps to release unnecessary toxins from the body and prevent their skin from being flabby. You should also help your child learn the importance of drinking enough water.

5) Form New Habits ­

The skincare product every parent chooses for their child differs. According to skin types, not every child would be comfortable applying the sunscreen. For instance, a baby’s skin is much more sensitive in comparison to a child. There are other habits that need to be taken care of by the parents when the child is in his/her growing age. It includes: ● Changing bed sheets, pillow covers, washing clothes daily. ● Disinfecting hats, glasses that come in contact with the face ● Give child food with rich proteins, avoid processed and fatty foods. ● Making them habitual of washing their hands and keeping them away from their face ● Visiting a dermatologist whenever your child senses irritation or rashes on their skin

6) Avoid Irritants­

A necessary and healthy skincare regime for a child includes gentle cleansing, moisturizing, and adequate sun protection along with a good sleep schedule, a proper diet with rich nutrients, and dermatologist recommended skin care products. Say no to products that can be harmful to the child’s skin and lead to irritation. Some of these are­: ● Synthetic dyes ● Perfume based products, Aerosol products such as freshening air sprays ● If you have a pet keep it out of the bedroom ● Avoid woolen based clothes that can develop rashes on the child’s skin ● Choose shampoos/conditioners that won’t develop acne It usually takes a lot of effort for moms to develop a good and healthy lifestyle for their child.

A good skincare regime is an essential part that comes under it. Starting out and following these skin care tips for children would definitely work like magic and would bring out the best results just as you expected.

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