5 Ways to Improve your Child’s Immunity

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A child getting sick is any mum’s nightmare. Kids are the first ones to get attacked by changing weather conditions. Children under the age of 5 years are the ones falling ill the most because of the sheer fact that their immune systems are not fully developed. In some children, the immune systems build completely by the age of 12 or 13. The purpose of the immune system in our bodies is to defend ourselves from infections that enter our bodies in the form of bacteria and viruses. Our bodies generate antibodies to fight these viruses and bacteria’s out. Foods and supplements play a very important role in building immunity. As enlightened mothers, it is our responsibility to add the following immunity boosters in our child’s diet to develop his or her body resistance towards infections:

1. Citrus Fruits to get the vitamin power and antioxidants

At least 2 – 3 servings of fruits in a child’s diet is a must to give him all the nourishment of vitamins and antioxidants. Make sure to add bright colored citrus fruits like melons, oranges, lime in your child’s diet for Vitamin C and antioxidants. The brighter the color of the food, the more antioxidants it carries.

2. Nuts for the good fat

Give your child a handful of Walnuts, Almonds, and Raisins every day irrespective of the weather. We often succumb to this myth “nuts are warm and shouldn’t be consumed in summers” and store dry fruits for the winter season only. Nuts are brain superfoods for your child and will give power and strength along with building immunity.

Tips for Healthy Snacks for Kids

Tips for Healthy Snacks for Kids Make your kids have some fun with food; healthy eating need not be boring: Use healthy alternatives like olive oil to sauté and fry. Switch to whole grain for dishes such as multigrain pizza, millet cakes, or ragi dosa. Add seasonal fruits in sweet treats such as mango muffins, whole wheat pancakes with cherries, or make a delicious crumble. Substitute cheese and mayonnaise with homemade spreads like hung-curd and hummus.

3. Curd for the probiotic dose

Yoghurt and curd is another resistance building food for your child. Give him a portion of curd in the form of yogurt, lassi, or chaach – the way he likes. Curd is probiotic and has a lot of good bacteria’s in it, leading to a healthy gut. A healthy gut and a happy tummy are equal to a happy mummy, which means no infections. Probiotic drinks like Yakult, etc, also do the same job.

4. A spoon of honey to get the antimicrobial properties

Mix it in milk or give it to him a teaspoonful. Honey is the best thing to have for its antimicrobial properties.

5. Mixed herbs and spices for its all medicinal properties

Mixed herbs and spices like basil, cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, ginger, parsley, rosemary, etc should be introduced to your child right in early years for the medicinal reasons they carry. Make sure to flavor and season their foods with suitable mixed herbs every time you are feeding your child. Introducing it right in the early years will make him develop the taste of the herbs to reap its benefits in the long run. A healthy meal is critical for building immunity. Apart from this, supplementing your child’s diet with fish oil, vitamin C, Iron, and calcium supplements upon doctor’s advice is not a bad idea. Make sure your child sleeps well. Apart from ensuring nourishment through diet, it is very important for the kid to play outdoors and ensuring that he gets involved in any physical activity of his choice. By giving children good dietary habits right from a young age, mothers are not just building their immunities but also laying the foundation of a healthy life for the longer term.

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