Shreya Lamba and Farah Nathani Menzies, The Mumum Co.

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This video takes you through a heartwarming journey of Mumum Co., a company that is close to the hearts of both mommies and kids alike. Mumum Co. was founded by Shreya Lamba and Farah Nathani Menzies. Both of them are entrepreneurs by profession but mommies by heart. They observed that there are no snack options made especially for kids. The snacks available are also not very healthy. Both of them came up with this healthy snack range for kids to munch on. The snacks are all-natural, and just like mother’s love, good for all kids. They talked to many other moms and did a lot of research for formulating the yummilious snack. Also, they are now keen on expanding the snack options. An inspiring journey of two strong women who march ahead, leading others onwards.
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