How Music Affects Your Baby’s Brain Development

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You may have come across the term ‘Mozart Effect,’ which was coined in 1991 and is the belief that if children or even babies tune in to classical compositions by Mozart, they will turn out to be sharper. It’s a well-known fact that music is intense, and it can positively affect your kid, especially in her initial journey. Kids brought up in an advanced melodic environment find it simpler and more pleasurable to get their hands on playing an instrument, and they additionally have a more structured comprehension of music and are likely to appreciate and engage in it for the complete duration of their lives.

You will be amazed to know that music has the power to assume a significant role in your kid’s development, even before their birth. Tuning into music during pregnancy not only has a calming impact on the mother but also has a positive effect on the unborn child. After around 16─18 weeks of pregnancy, the little one hears its absolute first sound. By 24 weeks, the little ears begin to grow, and the unborn child can begin to perceive her mom’s voice, her local language, word examples, and rhymes. In the third trimester, the child becomes unquestionably ready to hear the music you play.

Infants stay occupied, taking in so many new sounds in the initial few months of life. The musical milestones that you may notice in your baby at this stage could be- making eye contact when listening to music or when being sung to, shaking arms and legs as a response to rhythmic sounds, laughing in response to the beats, and babbling in response to music.

One-year-olds are found to be much more engrossed in music than infants. You may observe your little one acknowledging and reacting in different ways by- adjusting pitch, sometimes, not even close to the actual notes, increasing or decreasing their speed of actions in response to the tempo of different songs: fast to slow, playing with balls, squeaky toys, percussion instruments, but generally not in synchronization with the musical tunes, attempting short babbles to harmonize with the lyrics.

Two and Three-year-olds generally start to create their very own tunes with some precision with or without background music assistance. You may observe your toddler showcasing newly developed behaviors by- humming and singing short phrases of a song in tune, with most of the notes flat, differentiating between various voices and instruments, being amused by marching, walking, dancing, jumping, running, twirling, skipping, tip-toeing, and engaging in other physical activities while hearing music.

Four and five-year-olds have the potential to sing in the correct tune and move in time to the music. You may notice your child singing a complete song with the right pitch, rarely to finally matching with the beats of music, memorizing lengthy and difficult lyrics, which helps him achieve another musical milestone.
As a parent, you can take full benefit from music, as perhaps the best toolkit to associate, cooperate, and bond with your little munchkin.

More or less, it is never too soon or too late to introduce music into your baby’s life. In fact, the reality of the situation is that you’ve already started! While your child was still in your belly, he has felt relaxed listening to your voice and moved to your pulse beats. Presently, you only need to take forward that incredible beginning and explore different ways to add music to your baby’s daily life. Fortunately, there are innumerable approaches to this.

Sing. No matter how good or bad you are at it, but make sure to sing to your infant from his primary days itself. Associate music with his everyday exercises. It’s very easy for us to do; however, extremely imperative for your little one’s development. Sing melodies without words. This gives your kid a chance to relate to the rhythms without the interference of words. As they gradually become better at language, add words, instrument names to the sound, and focus more on basic concepts like high/low, quick/slow, short/long, to giving them a fun-filled learning experience.

Regardless of how you decide to incorporate music into your infant’s life, be assured that this fun and an incredible method to bond with him would definitely help to fasten the process of his development, which will come as an extra reward.


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